Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Fru.gal: (n) Characterized by or reflecting economy in the use of resources.

I've said many times that this is the home of Tightwad Tilly..... however, when I looked up the word TIGHTWAD, it had such a negative connotation, I"m going with FRUGAL. :-)

And, I really do believe in using resources wisely. It gives me so much satisfaction to make something out of nothing. It's probably not quite as exciting as going on a trip to Paris, but, I do love it. I have to laugh at myself sometimes..... I get so darn happy..... Totally jump up and down happy. :-)

And, our budget has been effected by the poor economy like so many other little cottages around Bloggyville, so finding a way to have something pretty on the CHEAP is just great.

So, since our sheets were totally pooped I started a mission. I scouted thrift shops for months looking for reallllly nice sheets. Although my budget is small, my taste for the finer things is HUGE. And, I only like 100% cotton sheets..... Egyptian cotton is by far the yummiest in my opinion. No poly here at the Cottage...... I didn't care if I could find sets, since I had a plan. But, I did want some continuity of color.

I fired up my sewing machine and just finished my fourth set. One more to go.

I ruffled, and I ruffled and ruffled some more.

Good thing the Man of the Cottage loves soft colors and ruffles don't bother him one little bit.

I also spent a good deal of time un-picking. I don't know how I kept turning things around, but I sure did. I wanted them to be finished on both sides and I figured out how to make that all work.....

Lots of time invested, but very, very little cash.

Just my style.


It's summer here today..........finally. Sunday was the gloomiest, darkest day....and BIG sunshine today.

My little grandson is staying here for the summer. I love having him. What a joy..... I'm just crazy about his boy.

He helped me wash my car this morning. Finally, it's all shiny! Whooopeeee!

Huggies, lovies, and tons of blessings too!

Frugal Tilly



  1. HEllo there precious one...you know, my momma didn't work outside the home. My dad was referred to as being a TIGHTWAD and I learned from the both of them to make something out of nothing. Necessity really is the mother of invention and I have my parents to thank for my creativity, and not just for their GENES. They taught me how to literally make something from whatever we had or could get and BE HAPPY ABOUT IT! Thank GOd for this...SURE, YOU KNOW ME. I love opulence BUT I go for more of a basic home feel with a splash of rich texture or vintage class. That speaks more to me that having EVERYTHING PERFECTLY in its place or matching. You are an inspiration, FRUGAL TILLY!!! Anita

  2. I grew up working-class-poor my friend... I think not having money to do and go, etc. helped mold me into the person I am today. I appreciate things made by hand and love knowing something was loved before me...

    Oh...and food? Our "pantry" was never full. Never. As a result I love beans and pasta without sauce. Sure helps to keep my weight down now that I'm on WW maintenance.

    Love you frugal-girl~


  3. Thank you so much sweet Spencer for coming over! YES! OUR MOMS WERE TOO MUCH ALIKE!!! ANgels, thrifty, great moms, CREATIVE, FUN.....Oh I just bet they are talking up and PRAISING UP A STORM in HIS presence and wondering what this blogging thing is their daughters are doing!!!!


  4. You are so amazing Cupcake! Love these sheets! My hubby wouldn't be able to handle the ruffles and florals...Oh well...just trying to sneak in a little more romantic, white look everywhere! We'll see!

    Love to you Spencer!
    Have a glorious summer with your grandy!
    I'm having fun with mine!!

  5. Such pretty sheets and I think it is wonderful you are frugal- coming from another frugal- I think it has everything to do with being a good steward of what has been entrusted to us!

    bee blessed

  6. So impressive! I too, love being frugal and stretching a dollar so thin you can see through it :)
    I can sew in a straight line.....but I doubt that I could tackle a big job like sheets.
    I bow to you :)
    Thanks for sharing your creativity with us !!
    Hope your week is fantastic...spending it with your favorite little man.

  7. Thrifting is still a great past time, most of us were not rich, and that is all ok, make us appreciate what we have more! :)

    Hugs to you!

  8. Thrifty is my middle name!! And proud of it! The sheets look fabulous and I LOVE the fabrics! Have fun with your sweet grandson this summer!

    Lou Cinda

  9. Hi Spencer! I had to stop by and tell you "I'm Back!"... back to the blogger world anyway... Almost a whole year off... My replaced knee is perfectly rehabbed... and Candy and I are off to new adventures... please come visit French Lique when you have a chance...

    I love your header photo.. and... I agree-agree-agree... 100% Egyptian Cotton Sheets... divine!!

  10. I love your frugal creativity!

    Susan and Bentley

  11. I love your frugal creativity!

    Susan and Bentley

  12. The sheets look fabulous! You are an inspiration!

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  13. The sheets look fabulous! You are an inspiration!

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  14. Oh, I love Egyptian cotton sheets also, Spencer. What a lovely frugal inspiration you are. This is wonderful. I so love bargains, too.

    August is on ... set in stone, unless I decide to up & die! Chuckle!


  15. Happy Pink Saturday girly girl! Had to come by and tell you.

    I'm doing my drawing tonight. Your name is not on my follower list. Did you know that? I've entered you into the drawing just the same because of your COMMENTO! :) Teee Heee! Good Luck (even tho I don't believe in it!)

    Hugs to you~


  16. HEY HERE SUGAR! Ahhh...Paper Moon; I could sing and dance to this tune ALL NIGHT! THANK YOU PRECIOUS FOR VISITING ME TODAY! LOve...that is the only guarantee we have, isn't it? AIN'T THAT EXCITING!!! YIHAAAAA....ain't no stoppin' us when we have GOD!!! BLESS YOU, Anita

  17. Spencer, they are so pretty. They look like some of those very pricey sets that I always wonder how anyone can afford to buy. I agree-when you make something by spending so little money, it is just so gratifying. Of course, sinc I can't sew, my something out of nothing is not nearly as pretty as yours. laurie


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