Sunday, June 26, 2011

From My Front Porch

Hi Chickies!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend.

Not a very entertaining weekend here, but we accomplished some little jobs around the cottage which is always nice. Don't you just LOVE some productive time?

This is what we see from our front porch, here at Bellamere Cottage.

Isn't God amazing?

I LOVE Mount Rainier. I think it's the MOST beeee.u.ti.ful mountain ANYWHERE....but then, I'm a bit biased. :-)

I've lived near this lovely mountain my entire life....and it still makes me swoon.

There's a spot on the freeway off-ramp where it's dead ahead.... It's simply stunning...and always takes my breath away....

Well, on the days that the skies are blue.... otherwise the old girl hides.

My Mum used to say it was on roller skates.... I swear, it's on one side of the road and then the other.... It's amazing.

We have garage cleaning on the calender this week. YUK.

But, I'll be SO happy when it's finished. It'll be nice to be able to find things again. I swear, I'm tired of re-buying things because I can't find them.

Please tell me you've done that too???

Have a fabulous week!

Huggies and lovies,


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And, was going to link to Blue Monday..... Oh my gosh.... Sally is in the hospital/ICU...

Please remember her in your prayers. She's the sweetest girlie.


  1. Beautiful Spencer!!!!
    Now go get that Garage cleaned...
    I love being able to find things again too.
    Happy cleaning,
    xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  2. Well, looks like you pulled off quite a job! :) I did absolutely nothing this weekend! ^.^ That was fun! LOL


  3. PRECIOUS ONE! Oh my goodness, you have the perfect view! When I was growing up in SMOGGY Los Angeles, the San Gabriel Mountains were in clear view from my house. HOWEVER, on smoggy days, you could not see them. As a very young child, it puzzled me why one day you could see them and on another day, they were GONE! Mum would tell me that God took them away, and then I said, "BUT THERE THEY ARE AGAIN!" She would simply say He put them back....hmmmmmm.....I couldn't figure out why He would do that!!!!!

    ARE YOU LOVIN' YOUR SUMMER PRECIOUS? ANY SEWING? I am enjoying every single minute of my summer for I know that soon, school will start again and I better recharge, or else I will be one stressed out mamma!!!


  4. What a beautiful view! You are truly blessed to live where you can see this daily!


  5. Your view is wonderful!! Down here we have Mt. Hood and Mt. St. Helens. Both are beautiful but my heart belongs to St. Helens. I grew up going up there for fishing and camping...and was here when she blew her top. Now I live where I drive home and she is full on in the windshield. And I agree with your mother....they all are on roller skates!!!

  6. What an incredible view, Cupcake!!
    What majestic handiwork of a loving God!!
    Truly breathtaking!

    I love that this is your view from the front porch! What a wonderful blessing.

    Hope your week is grand! We did the garage...well at least half of it, last weekend! It is a lot better and makes us both smile!!

    Love and hugs to you, sweetie!

  7. That truly is a spectacular view!
    Hope that you get the garage neat and tidy, and find all those things that you've been wanting and needing. Might be like Christmas :)
    I do know how you feel... a lot of our stuff is still in storage.
    Have a wonderful cozy cottage weekend. And, Happy 4th of July.
    Last year... we were watching the fireworks on Vashon Island. Ahh... how beautiful they were!

  8. That is too weird Spencer.
    I was just commenting here and bong!! you commented. But I have to ask why on that OLD POST?? That was way back in March???
    I just posted on what's going on around the cottage and my mom.
    I LOVE Mt. Rainier. Remember I told you we lived in Vancouver? We would always drive to Bellingham, actually Birch Bay and would take the back roads to view Mt. Rainier. What a site for sure.
    I've missed you

  9. Hi - thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog...I thought I was already a follower but I have done some investigating and I in fact, was not. Now I am!! (Misleading Google suspect there are now a LOT of blogs I thought I was following so I am slowly going back through my comments to double check. Glad the word verification is working for you....I hope more take the challenge to try turning it off. Take care...

  10. I love looking at Mt Rainer, especially on a clear day.

  11. Yes, it is indeed amazing! What a blessing to see it every morning!
    happy Independence Day!


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