Thursday, August 25, 2011

Oh My..... How Times Have Changed!

Oh my goodness.............I got these old advertisements in an e-mail yesterday and couldn't believe how times have changed....

I had to pass them along.

First of all..... as part of our Pre-Marriage agreement it was determined that NEVER.... no not EVER would any gift given to this little bride be attached to a power cord of any kind.

Diamonds? Yes.

Trips? Yes.

Spa Getaways? Yes.

Power cords? Absolutely NOT!

Well, in truth when Mr. BC asks what I'd like I always say.... "there really isn't anything".... I'm really content with the things I have.... and I really don't want anything. daughter, grandson and I went out for the day yesterday... To several Goodwills and an antique mall.... (lunch and dinner too.... we were gone a LONG time)... and my daughter found several things I would love to have snatched from her cart. But I found some great things.... all in the laundry and soaking now... so I'll show them to you when they're all clean. :-) Oh how I LOVE thrifting.

As you can probably guess........ men must have been in charge of advertising agencies back in the day.

So, the pressure to be thin started way back when?

And, Mummy might be a bit too tipsy to actually care for baby?

Yeah, I'm thinking not!

This one really amazes me........can you even imagine? And, I actually remember this ad!

I hope this post gave you a little chuckle today too.....I'm so happy that times have changed.

Oh, and just to keep it real.......I have gotten several items with power cords.... a dremel, a chop saw and a skill saw. :-)

Have a great day!

Huggies and Lovies,



  1. Times certainly have changed. Some things for the better.... some not :)
    I miss the simple things.
    I am so grateful that our husbands love us and treat us so wonderfully!
    I only get power tools or appliances if I request them :)

  2. No power cords here either, unless there is a Tiffany box attached to it, lol

  3. For our first Valentine's Day together, my husband gave me nail clippers. Not a manicure set...just the clippers. I was floored!

    Love these ads!!


  4. Ha. Those ads are definitely a give-away to what gender was writing them ;-) I have a Life magazine with a huge ad on the back of a beautiful bride holding a cigarette and advertising that the cigarette is what would really complete life. Those were fun and interesting to see.

  5. These are TOO funny! Love old ads that make you go OMG! LOL


  6. well, the beer one was certainly an eye opener for me! And I agree with you....nothing with a power cord. Those are priceless.

  7. OH YEAH, how times have changed! If my daddy, bless his soul, could see what women are doing these days, he would spit! teeeheee..he would!


  8. Thanks for history lesson. Some may laugh at them but they were taken very seriously in their time. We should remember those who fought the battle for equal rights.

  9. Hi Spencer,

    Yes, indeed, things have husband would be the one circling what he wants on the note of small appliances since he cooks most of the time.....and I'd have to say that he does look more handsome in that apron he wears while cleaning the house. {giggles}

    Pink Sparkles for your week,
    Stephanie Suzanne ♥

  10. Oh wow, how funny! I love old ads and these are gems. Thanks!

  11. What a riot!! Love finding stuff like that. Remember the Geritol ad, 'my wife i think i'll keep her..'

  12. No none of the above. As a matter of fact I give them all a big YUCK! One Christmas (about 35 years ago) my husband gave me an electric can opener. NO ONE has forgotten that Christmas! STILL!
    By the way, This new blogger thing is driving me crazy. I have no dashboard!

  13. First off...I'm wondering if the woman in the ad with the cigs is dead from 2nd hand smoke. Reason to sue the advertisers? (Hmmmmm)....

    My hubby bought me knives one year when the kids were little because I needed them. We ended up running out of $ by the time the kids presents were bought and so that is all I got. Truth be known I wanted to toss each of the steak knives at my guy. But, in reality I needed them. Not much choice, but love was behind what he bought me.

    Now...don't need knives or any STUFF. My favorite thing to ask for is a day spa-getaway or a facial. Gift certificates of messages are welcomed and so are the ones for manies and pedies.

    All that said :)...what I really want is my health and my hubby's health (and my children, etc.). The older I get it's the one thing I realize you can't buy.

    Love to you Spencie. Thank you so much for visiting me today~


  14. Ahhh! Memories! Looking back that horrible blouse (his mom would have worn) was really a gesture of love & he picked it out all by himself, tho I was in tears that he didn't realize my style. Being in the USN money was truly slim ... & YES! he did/does by me everything he would like to have 'for the house'. That's what you get with an electronics engineer ... chuckle!

    We just were chatting away about you two 2 days ago ... gosh! time was way too short ... what a beautiful visit to linger forever, sweet friends.

    Have a beautiful day ~
    TTFN ~
    Hugs & love,

  15. Love the old ads!!
    I am having a Halloween Giveaway... Come on over!!

  16. This is funny Spencie! Honestly are they serious? Sadly I think they are! Thank you for sharing! Somethings have improved quite a bit. Hate that Lane Bryant one. That it pitiful, isn't it?

    Love you and hope you are doing well.

    Hugs, B

  17. Oh my...these ads are a riot! First the beer one had me thinking 'are you kidding?' but the 'blow smoke in her face one'...that takes the cake!! Fun post Spencer!

  18. This is HILARIOUS Spence...especially the poor lady getting smoke blown in her face!!!! Oh my have times changed. Thank goodness!
    I hope all is great with you Spencer. Always makes my day to hear from you.
    sending hugs...

  19. These are too funny! Especially the smoke one and the Chubbies. Can you imagine the backlash if they were to print something like that now?

    It looks like you really had a lovely visit with Marydon and Harold. I was disappointed my schedule didn't work out so I could meet her as well.

    I hope you have had a wonderful Summer, since we finally got some warm weather, now I am ready for Fall!

  20. My husband would be living out with the chickens if he even tried to get me a vacuum. What were they thinking?! And the "Blow smoke in her face and she'll follow you anywhere"?! Don't even get me started...I keep thinking of Don Draper from Mad Men dreaming these up with their 3 martini lunches.
    Thanks for laughs!

  21. Hello Spencer! I would like to inform you, you are the winner of my giveaway!! I would also like to have you help me with the next which is in a follow up post!! Please send me your info and your pick from my shop & I will ship a package out to you. Congratulations. Tammy

  22. SPENCER! I had not seen a post from you for a long while.....thank you for coming to visit me! I MISS YOU SO!!! Anita

  23. Checking on you, sweetie.
    Have a beautiful week ~
    TTFN ~
    Hugs & love,

  24. This is all too funny. The chubby girl doesn't even look chubby. I guess that couldn't stand to draw a girl with a litle bit of fat on her. BTW, I found some Better Home and Garden magazines from my MIL printed in the 50's. Can't wait to share those. Your pictures remind me of them. I am a new follower.

  25. I just tried to post a comment and it looks like it didn't save it. Anyway, I may repeat myself here. I love all of these ads, and the chubby one seems especially sad, since the girl pictured doesn't even look overweight. I am a new follower.

  26. I just tried to post a comment and it looks like it didn't save it. Anyway, I may repeat myself here. I love all of these ads, and the chubby one seems especially sad, since the girl pictured doesn't even look overweight. I am a new follower.

  27. So funny, what a cool glimpse into the past! Yep, times have certainly changed.

  28. I don't know where to begin! HILARIOUS!
    The beer drinkin' mother or the woman that loves having the smoke blown in her face... or cry a little and he will go to the store. hahaahahhah! Thank you for sharing these!
    Have a pretty day!


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