Friday, December 2, 2011

Frost On The Pumpkin

Holy's SOOOO cold here in the Northwest. I think my personal thermostat is broken. I am cold.......reallllly cold ALL the time. I'm telling 'ya......I get in the car and fire up the heater until my pants are nearly flamin'..... and I'm still cold.

My daughter, grandson and I went to see White Christmas at the theater last night and I nearly froze to death. Down coat, gloves (with little heater thingies inside) TWO fleece throws and I was still shivering.... but that movie is just too sweet to miss on the big screen. I've watched it every year for a million years......ok, so now you know how old I really am, right?

My Honey calls me a wimp.

Yep, I know it's time to pitch the pumpkins, but my husband just loves 'em.... I asked him to toss them last weekend, but he's holding firm.... not yet.

Hoping to do the Christmas stuff this weekend, so I'm hoping he'll be ready by then. :-)

As I've said before......everything is itsy-bitsy here, at the cottage, and the back yard is no exception, but I love it anyway. It always feels so cozy to me and I'm grateful to get to look out my sliding glass door and all the little "stuff" out there.

That baby tears makes my heart go pitty-pat.... I have some in the front yard... I dig up a smidge of it every spring and stick it into that cement pot........isn't it so sweet? And, that great topiary? Yep, two hangers, duct taped together, and bent into a circle..... a few starts from another topiarty and voila!

Nothing survives winter here, in the Pacific Northwest, but I'll enjoy the blessings of God while I can.

Have a great weekend little darlin's....

Hoping to get some Christmas-ing done..... are you working on things too?




  1. Bundle up with some hot tea and be content with the fact that cold air kills germs in the ground and its all the better for it in spring.. Tryin to see the bright side here lol..

  2. I cold this morning and there was frost on our left over pumpkins too! And some icy roads...I'm afraid it's gonna be a cold winter here. Well, at least it's not raining!

  3. I am freezing too...can't seem to get warm! It must be the sudden change to winter! :D

  4. Spencer, I know what you mean about having the "chill" and not being able to warm up! I've been using the little electric heater in the sunroom to keep me warm. brrr... I think it's all the glass in there, even with the blinds down, that makes the room so cold. Too bad that is where the tv is. Blankets and the heater are my friends these days. It could be worse- I could be using a "Snuggie." Those things crack me up.

  5. I'm happy to see that someone else doesn't have their Christmas decorations up. Actually thanks to my son, my outside ones are up, but yikes the inside ones.

    - The Tablescaper

  6. You just make me laugh Spencer! My husband hates going anywhere with me in the car because I always have the heater going full blast and he's dying on the other side of the car. I walk around with my coat on about half of the time in the house and then have a hot flash and take everything off (well not everything). It is supposed to be 10 degrees here tonight.
    hugs from here...

  7. I just pitched my pumpkins the other day. Haven't begun to decorate for the holidays yet. Your topiary is so lovely - it must be nice to see something still green and thriving as we head into winter!


  8. Sorry about being cold! When I was living in our cottage (which was always cold in the winter) , I would sometimes use heating pads--that helped a lot!

  9. I love how your tard looks...very cozy and welcoming. And it doesn't take too much time to keep up!! Looks like we are in for another week of cold....but clear..gotta love that part!!

  10. Spray the pumpkins red and leave them out for Christmas.

  11. It's been cold here too Spencer. I saw White Xmas with Julie in Van. live a couple years ago, and Randy and I saw it live again in N.Y. on Broadway last year. It was FANTASTIC!!
    I've never seen your sweet little yard... LOVE IT.
    We were in Montreal today doing a little shopping. The sun was bright and it made for a lovely day, but it was still cold. I think we reached 33 : (
    Have a great weekend Spencer.
    Love Claudie


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