Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Things. They Are A Changin'

Hey! How've you been??? :-)

Oh, for Heaven's sake... I can't keep up with all this "stuff" going on...

Picnik is up and leaving me. I LOVE Picnik. That's where I get those cute little frames for my pictures. You can color correct there.... and believe me, for those of us who live in the Pacific Northwest, where the light isn't exactly grand, that's a necessity. I also resize things there if need be. Now what the heck and I going to do?

Any ideas? Is there something out there that will help me take one of my not so great pictures to a decent, blog ready shot? Something EASY?

Just a note.......you can use Picnik Premium for FREE until the end of March. I had just paid to renew my subscription........they're refunding my $$$.

I really need to complain about Blogger/Google too.

What's up with that whole gig? I continue to get messages about things changing. Do they not understand that those of us who are over &* do NOT like changes? It was all I could do to get everything all fixed up in the first place. I use the Google toolbar and love it.......it's really tiny and you can have an entire strip of bookmarks right there under the address bar. And, if you delete the name of the blog (or whatever you have bookmarked) you can fit a TON of stuff up there. I simply adore bloggers who have set up their little favicons so I can zip right there from my little bookmarks. Kisses to you!

I just re-read that and realize that really didn't make sense.......but I'm leaving it as is. It's an illustration of how things are going for me today.

But wait! There's more.......I'm on a roll now! I'm having a colonscopy today. Now, if you've never been invited to this little party, you just don't know what you're missing. It's just AWESOME... hopefully y'all know I'm just jivin' 'ya? That little drink? Oh my gosh.

Hopefully, they'll get some answers about what's causing the tummy owie, so I hung in there and drank the whole darn thing. UGH.

Enough said on that little topic.

Now, about that picture........this is the yummiest little treat EVAH.

And, I'm left asking myself why the heck I'm blogging about something delish since I haven't had anything to eat since the day before yesterday......and won't be able to eat until about five tonite. Hello? Jello? I HATE Jello........it's just not my thing.....so I am STARVING.... but on a happy note... I lost three pounds. I know they're fake, but I'm still happy about it and spent about half an hour doing the happy dance. :-)

Can I get back to the treat now? I don't know, I think I've caught the rambling bug today. Probably because I haven't blogged in ........forever and I'm HUNGRY.

I DVR The Nate Berkus Show. Little did I know that I had missed the episode with the little gal from The Treat Truck. HEAVENLY! It took about 3 seconds to get out the ingredients and whip up the little Pecan Butterscotch Bars......now renamed, at our house, as Pecan YUM.

There are lots of fabulous looking treat recipes from The Treat Truck HERE.

I'll eat anything with Pecans. PeeCan or PeCAAAHN? Never sure on that one?

And then.... as though all the changes aren't enough..........They've cancelled The Nate Show. I really liked it. Not that I EVAH have time to just sit and watch it, but I can listen when I'm cleaning.......Darn it all. We'll miss you Nate.

And, finally, because I don't really think I've crabbed enough........I had my car detailed yesterday and got it back with one of the headrests missing. How the heck can they misplace a headrest?

I think my husband should be happy he is gone today.........I think it's just one of those days.........probably because I am so stinking HUNGRY.

Hope your day is better than mine.

I'll be back after the little party at the Dr's today.

Can we all say "Wheeeeeeeeeeeee"?




  1. I hear ya...they do change things too often! Just when you figure something out...they change it! And photos in the Pacific Northwest are a challenge! Hope it goes well at the dr today!

  2. Good luck with the colonscopy, I have had that done, no fun even though I was out..hope it all turns out to be just fine. The starving part is bad as well as the end! ;D

  3. Oh goodness, Spencer! I wouldn't want to be in your shoes today but I hope they find the reason for your stomach issues. Take care, and if you don't like Jello, try oatmeal with cinnamon...yum!

    I will be saying a prayer for you.


  4. aww Spencer. dont worry about blogger. when they make these changes lots of folks will figure out how to use it and cause they are so kind and giving, they'll tell the rest of us so we dont get lost in lalaland lol.. it'll be ok.

    good luck at the doc's office. wishing you a good report and a total healing.


  5. Oh Spencer! You had me laughing out loud! I do not like changes either!! And the colonscopy! Ohmygoodness! I know it will go smoothly, you won't know a thing and maybe they can get your tummy issues fixed! The pecan yum looks delish! I am a PeCAAAHN girl! I'm Southern, what can I say?

    Sending you good wishes!

    Lou Cinda

  6. Chuckle! You are TOO cute! Oh, yes, I've got Crohn's Disease so I am real good friends with the gastro test well. Hope it finds your 'ow-ie' & you feel better soon.

    That yummy sounds like a winner. They are called PECK-an's in the south ... cracked me up when we were at a plantation & he corrected we northerners.

    Your HEAD REST?!, c'mon, they've got to be KIDDING!

    Blogger is a royal pain for nearly everyone anymore. I wish I knew what you were talking about. I keep complaining about not having a click button to tap so I can remember which are my fav's ...

    Harold is busy consulting, we are dealing with construction issues & broken tankless hot water heater ... don't ask, just DO NOT BUT RINNAI tankless water heaters. The first repairman that installed the water heater BLEW our septic ... oh, gosh! we've had a mess ... 5 weeks but today things will get back on track.

    Have missed you sweet friend, terribly. Keep me posted on the tests.

    Have a beautiful day ~
    Hugs of love,

  7. Spencer, I've not been over here to comment in a while but I'm here now, sugar.

    I say pee-caahhhns and that's the correct way to say it.

    Now, I use iPhoto because I'm on an iMac and just love that little program that comes free with Macs. It does all you talked about and more. Greatest free application since the beginning of dawn!

    Come over to my blog and read about the Google Reader. It's on my sidebar and a tutorial on how to use it. Just look for the tulips and click to learn. I love it. I think it is better than Google Connect. Very easy. Try it out, sugar.


  8. I have to chuckle, I've had days like this *sigh* tomorrow will be here soon enough.

    I KNOW I am bummed about Picnik. I use photoshop but prefer Picknik . . . :(

    What is blogger changing? Are you talking about the friends connect thing? That's only (FOR NOW) for people who use typepad or wordpress. You can still bookmark them, put them on your favorites toolbar or read them through a feed (does not have to be google reader)

    Bottoms up, tee hee, couldn't resist!!


  9. Oh hon, you are in a spot today!!! I can't say as I blame you...the prep for a colonoscopy is NOT fun! I hope you get to eat something yummy tonight sweetie! As for picnik and blogger, what do you do? I love that Blogger is free and put up with their nonsense ~ I hate that about picnik though!! Hope your test goes wonderfully sweet Spencer, hugs and love, Dawn

  10. Hi Spencer,
    I'm with you on all the changes....just leave it alone Google!

    Hope all goes well with your colonoscopy. I'm supposed to schedule one but I keep putting it off. I hate the thoughts.

    hugs and keep up that great sense of humor.


  11. I can't I have the pleasure of that particular test as yet. Poor thing. BUT, I have had just about every single other test on the planet. Lumbar puncture tops my list of "do we really have to do this is or is there another option?" list!

    I must over a certain age as well cos I did understand you. I don't know wether to take that as good or bad *wink*

    I just ate a skinny cow ice cream! after my day, I should've had two. :)

    I'm having another giveaway if you would like to put your name in. Hugs.

  12. well, your little party at the doctor sounds like so much fun that I'm considering having one of my own...yeah, time to find out what's up down there. Hope yours went well and that you finally have answer. Thinking of you and your lost headrest...;j

  13. I've had one of those 'parties' at the Dr's and it was OK but not something I am anxious to repeat. Luckily all was well with my colon (TMI??) anyway I hope you get a good report. I agree too many changes going on but I'm trying to adapt. I'm looking for a new photo place also...sigh...it never ends. hugs, Linda

  14. You have my sympathies and prayers that all will go well. As for this Picnik situation, I hear you girl. I use them too and am heartily bummed they are taking it away. I am always adding light to my pictures. Unless you have one of those big cameras with a supersize lens there is no way you can get enough light into indoor photos w/o editing. The program I use the most for that is called Photoscape. You download it right to your computer for free, it also has frames you can use. It can be a bit more tricky to learn but you have a lot more options for editing your pics. You just need to play and they have an undo button to erase any changes you make while you play. Hope things look brighter your way, I hear some sunshine is in our forecast, YEAH!

  15. I hope your tests went well, and that you're feeling better. I never did get to use picnik, just use paint, but I'm just learning. Don't other bloggers use photoshop? I don't know why they change things, just when I get it figured out. facebook too, new look! Blogger new interface- I don't like but I'm getting used to. It's hard for me to cope with all the changes. But at least my blogger friends try to help me out, and I follow lots of tutorials.
    Be blessed!

  16. I am really sad about picnik, too. I started using picasa....not quite as good, but still works. I had to add a linky thing to my blog because of Google Friend Connect going away, too! Too many changes!



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