Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I know lots of you actually live in REAL snow zones, but for those of us who live in the Pacific Northwest, this is a BIGGIE!

They were threatening this big storm for several days, but they've done that before and the nasty blizzard didn't materialize. Today.It.Did.

We live in a tiny town, but we still have a snowplow. I know! Hard to believe, isn't it? Well, that little fella was up and down our street many, many times today.

A gal driving her little family van couldn't move on a totally flat area. Poor thing. She was so stuck. She must have called the hubby on her cell because it wasn't too long when he arrived, on crutches, to give assistance. I'm sure he was her hero today. He got the darn thing moving. I quickly reviewed every aid I could think of and soon realized I was empty handed, so I was no help. So glad her knight saved her.

Why does cold, icky, snowy weather make you want to cook? Ok, welllll.......why does cold, icky, snowy weather make ME want to cook? Believe doesn't happen often around here. The Mister's still in shock.

I made chicken and dumplings. I found the recipe on some one's blog or pinterest. It was quite yummy and perfect for today...... served with my Mum's recipe for homemade tea biscuits and finally, some deee.lish cinnamon rolls for later. Mmmmmm....

Ok Spencer. Stop here and give yourself a big 'ol pat on the back.

One of these days we plan to build the real deal cover over our patio. I've given it so much thought for NINE years and I think I finally have come up with a plan that will work. We have several different roof lines so it makes it pretty tough to plan the perfect cover. In the meantime, the poor hubster was outside taking the cover off our little canvas gazebo before the "big snow".... We've lost many a cover in the snow and/or wind. Do you think they're intended for those sunny states? Yeah..........certainly NOT Washington. :-)

So, there it is........EIGHT inches. And, this was in a slightly protected area. I just about slid out the door and onto my nose trying to stick this little rule into the snow outside the back door.... who knew the metal around the door would be SUPER slick. Whew......nose plant? Not good.

It's supposed to warm up a little bit tomorrow. Hopefully the snow will begin to melt. They're saying there's still another storm out there that could roll in the next week or so. YUK.

I like to LOOK at the snow, but I won't go out in it. I just cannot afford to fall again..... when a simple, little fall causes a broken femur.......can't go down that path. Too chicken.

Thank you all so much for your comments and prayers about the shots in the tummy. They didn't do a thing for the pain, so we're moving on to plan B. First another colonoscopy, and MRI... and a scheduled surgery to take a little peek around. Dang it, I was sooooo planning on starting the spring cleaning NOW. I have things to do.

So, there it is chickies....

I hope you're all safe and warm.





  1. First off, I've visited you a few times but didn't realize until now that we live in the same 'area.' I think I'm further south than you though..we finally got some snow today, about 4" and it is so beautiful, and peacefully quiet. I don't know why but I got the urge to make home made soup today, turkey, and biscuits. Rarely happens here either.
    So sorry the shots didn't work and you have to go forward with more tests and surgery. My heart to yours...take care and be careful out there.

  2. Snowy days put me in the mood to cook too, yours sounds wonderful! I heard on the news tonight about your weather..we still have no snow! God bless you with all they are doing with your health, hope it all goes well. :D

  3. We're heading over that way in 2 weeks and hubs is checking the Blues and Snoqualmie weather every day now. Granddaughter said they're working out of their home this week. Snow in Washington?? Email and tell me what city you're in so you can watch the weather if we are coming near your area, sugar...

  4. I hope you get to the bottom of this pain soon, Spencer, so that you can feel well again.

    That is a lot of snow for you guys - wow! Enjoy - from inside your cozy home!


  5. Hi Spencer, I am so like you. I love to cook up a storm on a cold snowy day. Soups and home made rolls or maybe a pot roast cooking all day. I am so sorry you are having some health issues. Hope it's nothing serious and you get better lickity split. xo

  6. Yes, I always feel like cooking on cold days. But it keeps me temporarily from eating -- which is another thing I like to do on cold days. We have cold temps here (minus 17 deg celcius factoring in the wind chill)but we have next to no snow. I'm snug in the office having tea and chocolate biscuits for my break.

    Stay warm.

  7. ... & you know that I am WHITE with envy!!! It is such a rarity for you all, & it is beautiful! We are basking in warmth for us here ... blow some of your pretty my way.

    Wish we were closer, I'd have beat feet to enjoy your yummy foods!
    Have a great weekend, sweetie.
    TTFN ~
    Hugs & love,

  8. Nope not me, cooking that is. No mood to cook, no mood to eat. I wish they had a pill so take to make you feel full. I'm still waiting for that one. I guess I'm so used to having snow. If I cooked every time it snowed I'd be two tone tessy.
    Julie in Vancouver said they had a few inches too. She finally bought herself a shovel.
    Sorry you're not feeling good Spencer. That sucks, big time. I'm sorry.
    You know chicken & dumplings are my fav? and I've never made them. I only eat them when we get to a Cracker Barrel which is never HA!! You don't have them in your neck of the woods either do you? No I'm sure you don't. It's a Southern thing.
    Happy Sat. Stay warm Spenc.

  9. I thought of you today when the news was talking about the snow storm in the great northwest... here in the sunny southwest it's 65-degrees and sunny...

    sending you some sunshine and warm thoughts. Dixie

  10. Wow... You guys really got hammered!

    I don't know how far Vashon is from you ... but we heard that they got hammered too.

    Sorry about the pain, and the shots. I wish I had some advice.

    I know that for the past year, every single time I eat beef I have THE WORST stomach aches.
    I've heard the same thing from a half dozen other people too.
    I'm wondering if there is some antibiotic, or hormone or something in the meat that is making me sick.
    So.... I've completely given up red meat.

    I certainly hope that you find the solutions to your pain.

    Keep warm and safe, and have a good weekend.

  11. Makes me shiver just looking at the pictures!! Good for you to master Chicken and Dumplings! One of my favorite dishes of all time.

    Stay warm, Spencer!!


  12. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! I hope your snow is gone!

    Stay warm!



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