Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome 2012!

I can hardly believe we're already to 2012... doesn't it seem like just a moment ago we were welcoming in the year 2000?

Where does the time go?

My Mum used to tell me it went by more quickly the older you got... and by golly, I think that's true!

So, what have you resolved for the New Year?

I'm determined to:

(In no particular order) :-)

1. Make more time for my Husband

2. Make more time for friends..... I swear, I haven't even had coffee with two of my BFF'S during Christmas and their presents usually gather dust before we finally set a date. That's just WRONG!

3. Set aside more time to actually commune with Jesus.... not while I'm doing something else........I don't think this is the best spot to hone my multitasking skills..........and spend more time studying His word.

4. And, although I am grateful for alllll of my many blessings, I'll spend the time expressing them more.

Hmmmmmmmm.........seeing a theme here.


It just gets away from me.

You too?

Wishing all of you little treasures the very best in the New Year.

God bless each and every one of you abundantly.




  1. Your resolutions are just great!! I hope you are successful with all!
    Happy New Year!
    Hugs, Lisa

  2. Beautiful thoughts & plans, Spencer. Yes, time does slip by faster the older we get. Ahhhh, for those carefree days that lasted forever. Not!! Just need more hours to the day.

    Happy New Year to you, sweet friend. May your days be filled with many blessings & joys.

    Hugs to you & the Chetster & your precious kid-ling.
    Love ya!
    Marydon & Harold

  3. Hello Spencer,
    Thanks for sharing your lovely thoughts. I think that I need to do more of the same. Time does get away from us and your Mom was right....the older we get the faster time goes.

    I wish you a very Happy New Year.


  4. Happy New Year dear Spencer. Sometimes we have to be hit by a truck to realize where our energy is going. The ones that matter are the ones that are right beside us.
    Wishing you a year of love, friendships that need you, and health, most of all health.
    Love You
    Love Me

  5. Time gets away from me too. I seem to get distracted more easily now that I am "older".
    Best wishes for a wonderful New Year!

  6. I agree Spencer. Time goes faster and faster each year. Whether the time gets away from you or not this coming year you def. have your priorities in the right place...beautiful resolutions! hugs, cherry

  7. Love your list mine is much the same. I love your blog. I don't comment often because I read on my phone most days. But I get your emal posts. I love that function. I wantd to invite you to join me and a growing group that is Reading the Bible in 2012. Come by and check out my posts. I will write a new post on Tues. Happy New. Year. Read On.

  8. I think as we get older, we all seem to keep notice of the time...and it flies by more than ever. This could be the year for you to find time for all that makes you happy and gives you joy!

    Wishing you all the best in 2012!


  9. Hi Spencer..

    Sounds like you have great goals for the new year.
    Things that really count :)

    I am so glad that I get to have you as a blog friend're awesome!!

    Hope this is a great year for you.

  10. Happy New Year Sweetie!


  11. Beautiful Spencer! I love #3... My heart's cry~

    Happy New Year to bless me.

    Love, Rebecca

  12. Hi Spencer,

    I've just come to your blog for the first time and I LOVE it!! What a lovely warm writing style you have. I've subscribed!

    I find exactly the same about time. I guess the secret is to make it fly because you're having fun!


  13. I just want to stay on your blog forever and listen to your playlist.

  14. Spencer,

    I hope that you have a very happy and blessed new year! I agree with you-time, where does it go??
    Oh, and I agree more time spent with my husband and family is something I plan to do this year!



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