Monday, April 2, 2012

Good Glory Be......

Let me just begin by saying I LOVE the Pacific Northwest.

Really, I do.

I was born here and am used to the rainy, gloomy winter weather.


If it doesn't stop raining soon I'm going to have a little mini-breakdown.

March was the fourth rainiest month since...........get this............1891.

Yep. 1891.

TWO and ONE HALF inches above normal.

Four days without rain for the entire month. And, I don't mean showers. I mean big, sloppy droplets.......about a gazillion of them, right on top of you wherever you are. When they say showers I think they're just trying to get my hopes up. They. lie.

And, the outlook for the week?


Doesn't somebody want some of this good and glorious stuff? Just trying to sell you on the whole shabang.

A big storm coming in tomorrow.


I'm going to go get new tires on my car.

Better not start on that.

65,000 miles lasted 30,000.

Enough said.

Oh my gosh.......I so hope you're in the sunshine wherever you are.

I'll just be looking around and enjoying the lovely green around me.

And trying to smile. :-)

It really is fabulous here..........really.

Big huggies and lovies,



Oh.........and PS............I have tons of things to show you........I've actually been out and about in the yukkyness........I'll be doing some catching up. Soon.


  1. Well, I do NOT like alot of rain either Spencer! But just think of the lushness that will follow! Maybe April will be a better month....we have had alot of rain too...usually we go into drought mode about, hot, HOT!!! The weather has been so crazy this year though, I have no idea what to expect! Supposed to be 90 degrees tomorrow. 90 DEGREES!! CRAZY!

    Wishing you Sunshine :)

    Lou Cinda xoxoxo

  2. I understand, sugar. We're getting a bit of rain here also, nothing like yours though. GD said it snowed like crazy in her town over there. It can get depressing I know.

  3. Hi Spencer! I so wish you could send some of that rain down to California. We need it so bad this year. Hopin' that sunshine is just around the corner for you.

  4. I hear you, Sister!! It's dreary down here in Portland, too. It's all we talk about..."when will we see some SUN???" I am so ready to get out of this funk, and to put my winter clothes away. Still in turtlenecks and warm rain jackets. Bah humbug.

  5. I'm from Sequim, WA...I feel your pain! I know I can handle it better than the 90s though. Every flash of sun brings us all ourdoors!

  6. So good to see you back, Spencer. Even if you are drowning up there. We've had more rain than usual this month, but So. Ca. always needs more. I get a little stir crazy after a couple of days of it, so can imagine how you feel. I'm looking forward to seeing what treasures you have found wading through the streets. Hee! Hope you have sunny and glorious Easter. I took my car in for new tires and had to have brakes and an alignment...ouch.

  7. I'm with you. Love it here but sick, sick, sick of the water falling our of the sky!!
    :>) Annette

  8. Maybe we could trade weather for a while? Here in Texas we always seem to be in a drought! And lots and lots of sunny days in the high 80s already. I must say I'm jealous of how green it is where you live and how well most things grow. :) You don't see many flower gardens here. Hope you have some sunny happy weather very soon!

  9. You can have my sun.... -.- Thats all we've had since before the beginning of March.. like, a week of 30 C.... UGH! I liek my winter and this is not it! LOL SO come on over with that rain! :D


  10. Hi Spencer,
    Thanks so much for coming by my blog, and I'm so glad I have the chance to see yours.
    I feel for you, girl. I used to live in Vancouver, BC. I could not take it any longer, and we had the chance to move to the prairies of Canada and what a relief it has been. Sunny days are VERY common here, today for instance is gorgeous! Sunny, clear blue sky, have you thought of moving to Idaho or Montana? They have gorgeous weather there with lots and lots of sun! My daughter recently did that and she loves it. She could not take the rain any longer, either.
    Have a lovely day and I'm going to look at more of your blog.
    Hugs, Cindy

  11. Right now we are enjoying sunny days, but who knows what will come? We all know that April showers bring May flowers, right? LOL Hope we all get to enjoy a beautiful spring and summer!


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