Wednesday, March 7, 2012

This Is Just NOT A Good Day

This photo was taken just before my son-in-law passed away in a horrible car crash. He had just gotten his degree to enable him to become an athletic trainer. His dream. All while working full time and doing his part to help at home as well.

He was a wonderful husband and an awesome father..........I couldn't believe how involved he was. He was crazy about being a dad.

He passed away nine years ago today.......Many of the days have been really tough for my girl, but the anniversary is always really hard for her.

My grandson is nearly twelve now. She bears the pain of the loss for herself, but so much more for her boy.

And then.........

This is what she woke up to this morning.

Why, why why?

Why would someone think that damaging the property of someone else is fun?

I just do not, and never have, understood vandalism.

Why weren't these kids at home?

Where were their parents?

What has happened to personal responsibility and values?

My daughter is a single mom........going to school full time and doing her best to get by financially.

Now she'll have to pay the $300 deductible to get her car repaired.

I'm furious today.

Not my normal cheery post.

I. am. not. feeling. cheery. today.

By the way........this is her new car. She got rid of her old one after she was in TWO accidents......neither one was her fault. And, she's already been hit in this car too.

Feeling really crabby today...... and grieving for Mike..... and feeling the pain of the loss for my girl and my little fella.



  1. I'm so very sorry for your loss, even though it was years ago it still must be such a stab of pain. Folks say there is nothing like losing a child or even a son by marriage, I believe it. Oh for your daughter-to live with this kind of grief and then to have someone so selfishly wreck her car; I can only hope that they will realize how thoughtless and stupid their act was. Maybe the parents will see the car too and realize they need to get ahold of their kids before something worse happens. Sending hugs and love your way.

  2. {{{{SPENCER}}}} I am so sorry. There is just no reason for anything to happen like this.

    Sending you all love,

  3. These kind of anniversaries really suck..sometimes you just wonder what the heck..So sorry for your loss and your pain. Hope tomorrow will be better Frances

  4. People just do not have respect for one another, plain and simple.

    Sending positive vibes and saying a prayer for your daughter today.


  5. Hello Spencer,
    I'm so sorry that you are going through a difficult time and I can really understand why.
    I'm sorry for the loss of your son-in-law and I know that you hurt and grieve for your daughter and grandson. I don't know why some people destroy others property. Just don't understand.

    God Bless you and Your family.


  6. I'm so sorry for the loss of your SIL and for your daughter and grandson.

    why folks choose to harm others or their belongings is mind boggling for me also.

    I always wonder if those moments were spent doing good , what a different world this would be.

    my thoughts are with all of you today.

  7. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family today. May the peace that passes understanding somehow find it's way to descend on you this day.


  8. This is what is called adding insult to injury.
    When we first moved here back in 95' our community had a string of vandalism. We lost a couple of tires & some glass in our cars.
    The older I get the more I love animals... as for most people .... not so much!!
    Keep your chin up..

  9. Oh, Spencer, you have every right to be crabby and more!! I've never understood vandalism, either. My thoughts are with you and your daughter and grandson today.

  10. That was so terrible! Too bad they did not catch the people responsible for this act. I can kind of relate. A couple of weeks ago some kids came by and shot a bb or pellet gun at our newish FJ Cruiser car. We didn't see anything and just walked out to find a spot that was indented in the shape of a bb gun pellet. Now, the paint has come off around it and we will have to do what your loved one is having to do....deductible and file with the insurance company....and, while the vehicle is in repair, we will not have that car to drive. It is maddening that people will purposely do this type of thing....and they don't even know the victim's situation....or the victim. Just a random act that they think is cute to do. Too bad these kids don't have to pay for their damage. So sorry this happened in your family. :( Hope the rest of the week is much, much better! xoxo Kim @ Bluebirds and Butterflies

  11. Oh girl how terrible is this..I know the pain of losing one you love..Many prayers coming your way for your family..A BIG ole cyber HUG..Hugs and smiles Gloria

  12. I'm sorry that you and your daughter are having such a bad day. Many prayers coming your direction...


  13. I don't think we ever completely get over our losses. They become part of our future. They are embedded in our past. What an unfortunate thing to happen to you and your family, especially your daughter and her son. And who can explain vandalism? It has always puzzled me, as well. What joy is there in destroying other people's property? Makes no sense. Too bad there weren't cameras around recording this crime.

    May you be warmed by the memories of your son-in-law today. I'm convinced there are many questions that have no earthly answers.

    Hugs and prayers.

  14. Oh no, how horrible! I do not understand such destruction. And your poor daughter has been through far more than her share. I am so sorry, Spencer.

    The photo of your son-in-law and your grandson brings me to tears. I will never understand why good people are taken from us - especially so young.

    You are in my thought and prayers, dear Spencer.


  15. Sweet friend, I do know your pain ... may he be blessed forever, may God hold you all in His loving arms at this time. Prayers are lifting for all of you.

    I am so sorry that your daughter is having to contend with selfish people & damage to her new car. Tragic ... all the questions you ask, I do also. Cannot understand these kids nowadays ... & the parents that allow them to not be in their control.

    Wishing I were closer to bring you a hug, so consider yourself smothered in love & a BIG (( )).

    TTFN ~
    Love you sweetie,

  16. Dear Spencie...Took me no less that six refreshes to get this white box to come up to comment. I'm sooo flipped out mad at blogger right now I was feeling crazeeee...

    Then...I reflected on your post and I realized if all I have today to complain about is that my follower gadget showing all my friends is missing, I'm struggling to leave comments and can't even follow my OWN BLOG I'm doing good...

    I'm so sorry for all this junk in your life right now and the things you and your family are facing. What I know...even tho sometimes this doesn't feel 'good', is that God doesn't allow what we can't bear. I am praying for you today and your daughter and your grandson, for your family. May God's peace surround you today. [[BIG HUG]]

    Love to you~Rebecca

  17. Things like this make me furious too. Holding you close to my heart today dear one and praying for strength for all of you.

  18. So sorry for your girl. Sounds like she has had it rough. I know it hurts when your children hurt. Sometimes life sucks.

  19. So sorry to hear about this senseless act. You have every right to feel the way you do. Sending you heartfelt thoughts for brighter, cheerier days ahead.
    Hugs, Sherri

  20. Oh dear... My prayers are with you guys in this horribly painful time!!! A curse on vandalism! I know what harm it does and cannot understand why anyone would do this! Sending you my love and support!


  21. You are such a Dear Momma & G'Momma!! I pray for God to show her how precious she is to Him.

  22. I'm so sorry for your girl and her sadness at the anniversary of the loss of her dear husband.
    It's terrible that she has to be victim of that senseless vandalism and destruction. So unfair and costly. What a shame!
    May it help her and you to know that so many others care and that God will take care of her and brighter days are ahead!
    Love and prayers! Linda

  23. Sorry to hear about your daughter's car troubles. It is a shame that some people are so destructive and rude. I think they get their due, whatever that may be. Sending you good thoughts.... Sue

  24. Am SO sorry to hear of your family's loss and this recent heartbreaking event - impossible to understand people! My nephew and a friend were passengers in a car that was hit by a drunk driver in 2005. Both boys were killed, the front-seat passenger was terribly injured, and their driver was deeply psychologically traumatized. The drunk driver hit them and took off - and was only tracked down much later. The pain will always linger, just as you experience missing Mike, each time there is an anniversary or holiday, or some event that brings memories back to the forefront. My prayer is that your family, especially your daughter and grandson, will be comforted by God's hand, blessed by His grace, and lifted by His love.

  25. Just NOT nice... and everything else that is NOT right my dear friend.
    Love to all of you today especially.

  26. I am so sorry Spencer for your terrible loss and the void that it left in the lives of yiur sweet daughter and grandson....and the vandalism....there is no explanation or excuse for it! I hope they catch the ones guilty of this....selfish little nits!

    I hope today is a better day for you and yours...

    Lou Cinda

  27. I don't blame you, Spence. That is just awful, and I am so hurt for your daughter and for you. This is just not right. I pray in Jesus name that this never EVER happens again and that she has no more wrecks.

    I'm so sorry I haven't been blogging. I've had computer issues and am on Mr. Magpie's work computer tonight. Don't know when I am going to have a chance to get a new one because I am up to my eyeballs in life stuff... Adelaide's husband had a triple bypass (unexpected), and another friend's husband is in the final days of pancreatic cancer. I have had no time to blog which I miss SO much.

    I hope to be back by the end of spring. I miss you and all of my blogging buddies.

    Love you, sweetie pie...


    Sheila :-)

  28. Sweet Cupcake,

    I am so sorry this stuff has happened. I praise God that she has you in the midst of it all. I know that you are an incredible encouragement and support to her, and are there when she needs you.

    May God encourage your heart, and strengthen you, and fill you fresh with His joy and peace.

    Love you, Spence,

  29. Ohhh, I am so sorry, Spencer...I know how much we mothers hurt for our babies...and then the window to top it off...I really am sorry.

  30. My heart ached for you and yours as I read this. Sometimes is is okay to admit it is just not a good day. I hope and pray that by now your spirits have lifted. You and your sweet family are in my prayers. Why do bad thing happen to such good people??

  31. So sorry for all this pain...can only think when all this has happened a lot of good things must be on it's way to make up for this to balance out life...good luck for the good things coming all your ways...

  32. I hope spring's arrival has brought you cheer and that things are looking up for you! Be blessed!

  33. I am sorry for your loss. I am sure it feels like it was just yesterday that he passed. It takes time to heal doesn't it! I am sorry about your daughters car. Life can be rough sometimes. Hope Spring will bring you brighter days! Hugs, Maryjane

  34. ohhh sooo sorry to hear you are down...and so understandabley so! I don't understand the selfishiness of randam acts like that either....I hope your daughter is doing better! I will pray for yu! cherry

  35. Bless your hearts! I hope everyone is doing better.


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