Monday, May 7, 2012

Sorting It All Out

 Hey Chickies!   Hope all is well for you.  I've been flying around here........busy as a bee.

I am a huge fan of vintage linens.  Huge.  HUGE!  I love the pretty little things.  I love how they feel and the charm they exude.  It's hard to imagine the time they took to create by busy women many years ago.  

I'd love to know their story.   And, how did these women have time to prettify everything for their home?  When my grandmother passed away I inherited her towels, washcloths and sheets......each with a precious little hand crocheted edging.  I used them for a long, long time.  So pretty.

I have a ton of vintage bits.  Some in perfect condition and many that are not.

I found several big bins of the "not" ones recently, stored in the garage.  After giving them a nice, fresh bath I started the sorting process.

 I can't throw even the worst of them away.

Surely there's a little corner or a bit of lace that could be recycled?

 I have never, ever used red in my home......  but, since seeing so much of it here, in Bloggyville, I have the itch.....  Yep, I've got big plans, here at the Cottage.

It's a happy color, I think, and I'm ready to zip things up a bit.

More to come on that.     :-)

 So, after cleaning and sorting the sweet things, I moved on to.........

Sorting the magazines.

I have/had piles of those too.

I can't bear to pitch those sweet pages, filled with tips and I sorted, and sorted and sorted some more.......I must have really loved some of the ideas because I'd run across the same pages again and again.  

Not only sorted now, but in nice little folders for my perusing pleasure later.....  not that I''ve had any time for perusing.    :-)

There's hardly a need for saved magazine pages any more, is there?

Have you been pinning?

Oh my goodness.  What fun!  I LOVE it!  Each saved idea already in it's own little folder that doesn't take up any room at all.

It's a dream come true.

Happy Monday Girlies!

We have SUNSHINE here in the Pacific Northwest for the SECOND day in a row.  

Pure Heaven.  God is SO good.

Huggies and Lovies,




  1. Spencer your vintage linens are so precious. One of my favorites has lots of red in it...I just love this embroidered piece so much! Hope you have a great week! Hugs, Linda

  2. beaufiful linens Spencer. my grandmother had a closet full that she had tatted and embroidered on but my mom gave them away ..

    wish I had them to show off.

  3. Ah Spencer, my heart swoons for vintage linens...embroidered, stained, ripped or tattered, it doesn't matter! I love them all!!! I've been salvaging those itty bitty corners and placing them on needle books lately ~ and poof! they have a new life!!! I hope you are doing wonderful, wishing you a great week ahead ~ hugs and love, Dawn

  4. RED?!? Now where will you tuck it in?, Spencer? Your home is like a magical fairyland of pink gorgeousness ... I could have spent a month just going from room to room. Linens are beautiful ... I miss having our linen shop so. The beautiful embroidered & monogrammed pieces set so beautifully before all ... to use, which we now treasure.

    Wait until you see what I found the other day ... I was stunned that I even have it.

    Sunshine ... enjoy while you can.
    Have a beautiful week ~
    TTFN ~
    Hugs & love,

  5. Hi dear Spencer, I always wonder the same thing about how women in years past. They had so much to do and yet they always found the time to crochet, embroider and even iron their sheets!!! I'm lucky to get my blouses ironed : )
    You are doing what I SHOULD be doing. Good for you sweet friend.
    sending hugs...

  6. You really hve been busy sorting! Doesn't it feel good? Red is my favortite color so I am anxious to see how you use it at your cottage.
    Love the weeks forcast...sun every day :>)

  7. Hi Spencer! Oh, how wonderful to have so many pretty little olden linens. I know what you mean about ladies of yore doing all the needlework they did. My grandmother was like that too. I have a few little treasures of hers.
    Sounds like you're on a roll, sorting and red...hmmmm.
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  8. I adore linens also! They make me smile! A "touch" of red sounds fun! I've been going thru my magazines and want to keep them as they will be "collectables" one day!

  9. TWO days in a row, isn't it wonderful! gonna change tomorrow though.
    I love/adore vintage linens also and recently pulled many of mine out to give them a fresh wash and iron with lavender water. Oh, the work and the stories they could tell. I decided to not pack them away but to start using them everyday like out grandmothers did. Why not right?
    hope you enjoy the sunny days, are you feeling better?


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