Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Loving Easy Canvas Prints

A company called Easy Canvas Prints contacted me regarding a FREE canvas print in exchange for my review of their product.

Oh YES...  I'm all about FREE!   :-)  Of course I'd hop right on that happy little bandwagon...  I had nothing to lose, right??

I sent this adorable photo of my sweet little daughter (well, it's a REALLY old picture...  sorry Dodi)...   I received my finished canvas quickly and realized that I had not cleaned my scanner properly and the picture had little dots on it.

I told Megan at Easy Canvas Prints about it.......explaining that it was totally my fault.

They actually had someone there correct the problem with my print, re-did the canvas and sent  a new one right out to me, free of charge.

What awesome customer service.

Most companies don't handle customer service nearly so well.

I am impressed......both with the print itself and the fact that they went above and beyond what they needed to do to make a customer happy.....  for a FREE canvas.


Check them out.  I think it may be too late to order a print for Mother's Day, but you could always give Mom a certificate with the picture you've chosen in a nice little card.....explaining her canvas is on the way.  And, don't forget...  Father's Day is coming right up too.  Wouldn't he love one for his office?

So enjoying the sunshine today, here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.  WoooHooo!

Huggies to you!




  1. Yes! SUNSHINE here in Portland, too! It really lifts the spirits, doesn't it?!

    I love the canvas print of your daughter. I noticed that photo in your previous post about her, and thought it was so, so darling. So bright and dimpled --reminded me of Shirley Temple. She's cute as a grown-up, too!

    Enjoy the weather...SO GLAD it's not rainy and gloomy.

  2. What an adorable pic of Dodi! Love it, hadn't heard of this company. Have to check it out.
    TTFN ~
    Hugs & love,

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