Thursday, May 10, 2012

Simple And Quick Carrot Soup.... Oh, And DEE.LISH Too!

Many years ago my husband and I had this over the top yummy concoction in a little restaurant in San Francisco.

I swear, I asked for another bowl for dessert.  Not kidding.     :-)

It's that good.

But, better than that?  It's EASY!

Heaven knows this girl likes anything quick and easy.  Cooking just isn't my gig.

So, here it is......

I use a quart size container of chicken broth...  I like the one from Costco...  Chicken stock.

Pour it in the pan.

See, I told you it's easy.    :-)

Then add carrots until the stock just covers the carrots.

Cook until they're done...  nice and mushy.


Now, the cooling part is really important because you're going to put this into your blender and puree it.  You know what happens when you try that with hot liquids....not that I made that mistake.  Just sayin'.

Put it back on the stove to heat through..........add about 1/2 cup of cream......YUM....  we watch the calories here, at the cottage, so I use soy creamer....  just as good.

Then........the best part........ginger.  Fresh grated ginger....  ONLY FRESH...

I use a LOT.......we love it here, but you might like less, so add it until you have just the level you like.

That's it.......four ingredients.  How easy is that?

I've made this dozens and dozens and dozens of times.  It's one of our favorites...  I swear I could eat it every day.

I think the restaurant was called Chez Suzanne....if I remember right.  The owner actually told me exactly how to make it.  They served it in a bowl with broccoli soup on one side an carrot on the other.  It was sooo pretty.

Whip this won't regret it.  I've never had it cold, but I actually think that would be good too.

Have a great day Chickies!





  1. sounds can be sure I will give it a try! Thanks dear for sharing...;j

  2. Mmmmmmmm sounds delicious! Im going to try this for sure! Thank you! :)


  3. I have been making this very same soup for several years. You are right ~ it is both easy AND delicious! My Mom loves it and I make it for her often. There is something so satisfying in making and enjoying soup. It just warms the soul. Have a very Happy Mother's Day my friend.

    Susan and Bentley


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