Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fifteen Years Ago Today.....


Oh my's true what they say...  the third time is the charm.    :-)

After going down two very unhappy roads I med my very own Prince Charming at a church social......   I was with my friend, who was also single and I can clearly remember telling her, when we got to the car, "keep your hands off the bald guy, he's mine".

I'm not kidding when I say EVERYBODY says "oh, that Craig, he's such a nice guy"...  And, he really is.   Especially when it comes to my family.  He's so good to my daughter...  he never calls her his stepdaughter...  always his daughter and will do just about anything for her.

And then, there's my grandson.  He truly is this little guy's grandpa in every way.  We were quite a large group, in the waiting room, waiting for Brett's birth....  but THIS man has been there every moment since.  I am so grateful.  As I've said before Brett's wonderful father died in a car accident when Brett was 2 1/2 so Papa's been his go-to guy ever since.  Never wavering........always there.  It melts my heart.  Truly.

So, Happy Anniversary Muffin...  I love you tons and gobs.

You really are the BEST.




  1. Happy Anniversary, Spencer! Our 14th anniversary is tomorrow!


  2. Happy Anniversary, Spencer! Our 14th anniversary is tomorrow!


  3. Happy Anniversary to you both, Spencer...what a lovely picture! I'm so glad you both found happiness together. You know the have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince!

    Have a wonderful day! :)

  4. Happy Anniversary, you precious ones!

    Spencer, you are GORGEOUS, inside and out, and he's mighty handsome, too.

    I love you, my friend, and I hope and pray you will have many, MANY more happy years together.



  5. I kissed two frogs before I found my Prince too Spencer!! How blessed we are!!

    Happy Anniversary to you both!!

    Lou Cinda oxox

  6. Happy Anniverssary you two love birds!!!

  7. A happy Anniversary my dear, your hubby is the sweetest cookie ever, I wish you many many years of happiness! :D


  8. I'm late wishing you a happy day Miss Spencie Girl. I'm telling you are GORGEOUS! WHY don't you post more pics?

    I heard on the news yesterday how women are always taking pics (mostly moms) and then end up NOT being in pictures years later for their family to remember them. I'm so guilty of this. I'm going to step out from behind the camera more.

    Blessings to you. I'm so happy you are happy.

    Love, Rebecca


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