Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Two By Four LOVE...

Hey there Chickies!

Yep, I've been MIA ....  AGAIN.....  Time is just zipping by and I don't even know which way I'm supposed to be going most of the darn time.    :-)

But, here I am.....  wanting to share this really quick, easy and inexpensive project with you.  Naturally I had it all finished when I actually thought I should have taken pictures along the way, but it's really pretty self-explanatory...

My grandson and I made these little cuties together.  He sanded all the boards with the electric sander and painted them all up for me...  then I did the frou-frou bit of things.  We made a set for his mom too....   

Up top is my version... 

This is the version I had seen on Pinterest.  Cute, really cute, but I'm not a primitive kind of decorator, so I just jazzed them up a bit.  I like a LOT of stuff on mine.

Just cut your 2x4's to the desired height, sand and paint.

Glue gun a nice 'lil twig to the top and add as many ribbons and bits as you can fit onto the stem.

Spray with adhesive and glitter that baby to death.

And, that's it!

Easy peasy.  Thought I'd better hurry and get this up before everybody's decorating for Christmas.  I have some things I want to make for my tree this year...  we'll have to see if I actually can make the time.

My daughter and I are home schooling my 12 year old grandson this year.  It's been a trial, for sure.  He has Asperger's Syndrome and was heading to middle school.  Just not a great place for him, especially after the STRUGGLE for the past three years getting him through elementary school.  It seems that the teachers in his district know nothing about the spectrum and really don't care to learn.   Last year his teacher had no problem mocking and ridiculing him in from of his classmates.  It was HEARTBREAKING....  and made my sweet little grandson feel hopeless.  I.AM.FURIOUS.   He has ADD as well, so keeping him on task is a bit of a trial.  But, he's excelling and moving right along on his studies.  When the counselor chatted with him about his progress he told her "I'm just hoping this time at home doing my work will help me forget the horrible school memories"....  Doesn't that just fire you up?

Ok...  enough of the soapbox....  :-)

I hope you have a wonderful day!  Thanksgiving is just around the corner, isn't it?


Maybe if I put on the Christmas music I'll get fired up and ready to create.

Huggies and Lovies Dear Ones!




  1. What a great idea...it's so cute. Rustic and worn is the name of the game lately!

    I feel so sad about the treatment your grandson has been getting at school. I know a high school age girl that has AS and she is incredibly smart and sweet. I hope home schooling builds his confidence.


  2. Great idea. I am actually making some snowmen using 2 x 4's and they are coming out darling. It is heartbreaking to hear about your grandson's experience. I cannot believe adults would treat a child like that, especially adults who are supposed to be teachers. My oldest son had learning disabilities when he was young, but his school had a wonderful special education teacher, and he is doing wonderful at 32. He made it through college, has a wonderful job and makes a good living. I am so proud of him. Your grandson is lucky to have such a loving and caring family. Sorry to go on so, but hearing this sort of thing outrages me. I believe there was recently an independent movie out about bullying; maybe those teachers should go see it.

  3. Hi Debby... I wanted to reply to you, but you didn't have a bloggie... Thank you so much for your encouraging words.. I think folks are on a special wavelength when they have kids with learning struggles... We GET each other and know the pain. I so appreciated your kind words...


  4. Oh my goodness, Spencer, the way that teacher treated your grandson makes me furious! There is absolutely no excuse for an educator to act that way. I'm so sorry. But I'm glad he is being taught by two loving family members who understand his syndrome.


  5. your little project is adorable....it looks much better all glittered up....But I couldn't believe what I read about a teacher giving your grandson a hard time and making fun....that is horrible and people like that should be fired....or shot...so glad to hear he is doing well being home schooled...I didn't have a learning disability in school but I had a physical one and was made fun of from kindergarden right through high school....never by teachers but when my mother went to the elementary school principle to let the school know I was even being followed home and taunted the school did nothing...So good for you to step up and be a great grandmother....Hope he flourishes in you and your daughters care....Hugs, Sue in Atlanta

  6. Spencer- Thank you so much for commenting about CK on my blog today. It allowed me to find you/your blog. I love your project. It looks so cute.
    I am so sorry to hear about your grandson. My son was such a loving little boy. He entered 4 grade ad went up to his teacher after school to hug goodbye and the teacher shoved him away and told him he was "much too old to be hugging a teacher". It broke his heart and changed the way he felt about school. SOME teachers do just not realize the damage they can do to a child's precious ego. I am glad you are homeschooling that sweet boy. You give him a hug from this Nana!

    Blessings- I am your newest follower- xo Diana

  7. Hi sweet Spencer! I was so excited to get your comment and thought I would come right over and sit awhile and chat.
    I am so glad that you are homeschooling your grandson. It seems that middle school is tough on any child and then to have special needs only makes it harder I think. I hate what happens to children when uncaring people are the ones in charge. We were so lucky that Landon was in a great school here and that 3 of his siblings attended the same small school so that they could keep an eye on him. They were very protective of their little brother.

    I love the pumpkins you two made together!!! They are too cute for words! I can only imagine the fun you two had doing this together : )

    I laughed about what you said about your hands in your comment to me. Mine look at least 102 yrs old. It's a good thing that my face only looks 85! Oh it's so god to talk to you!
    sending love...

  8. What a sad shame that the school district allowed the teacher to get away with her conduct toward your gr-son, sweetie. I'd have stood on her 'head'! Pray that you all have a grand time 'schooling' together. God bless him ...

    Love the darling pumpkins you both created. They will work for both Halloween & Thanksgiving. I can picture them on your gorgeous front porch now.

    Oh, my! What a gorgeous 3rd time around is a charm pictures of you two. Having spent all that wonderful time with the both of you ... love just sparkles & fills the air. You are both just precious friends, for which we are blessed.

    I have lost my address book & need you to send me your # & address again, please. We'll be out next year ... yippeeeee!!

    Have a beautiful Thanksgiving sweetie.
    love you to the moon ~

  9. Hello Spencer,
    Coming by to say CONGRATS!!! You are the lucky WINNER of the $50 gift card giveaway over at my place. Please e-mail me at coastal.charm@yahoo.com so I will have your e-mail info to pass on to the owner of the Esty shop.


  10. what a darling project! Hope you're doing well and I want to wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving to you and yours.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  11. hi Spencer ... thanks for stopping by Timeless Treasures and leaving a nice comment on my little chest make-over, mainly because I can now enjoy your Blog. Love the 2X4 pumpkins and so happy that you are including your grandson in your projects. School memories are supposed to be special ... not horrible. I hope that with the help of you and your daughter ... those memories will fade away.
    Audrey Z. http://audreyzumwalt.blogspot.com/


Sweet and dear little Chickies....thank you so much for your comments. I read each and every one. I always try to make a return visit........sometimes I fail miserably... but you're alllll soooo special to me!

Many, many hugs!