Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas Tweets... :-)

Happy Monday Girlies!

I spent the weekend making some little pressies for my girl...  I LOVE making things for her and often think, when I finish this I'm going to make one for myself"...  but never quite get around to it.  And, then I think of something else to make for her so I never have time to finish things for myself.  

Do you have somebody that gets most of your creative endeavors?

Well, my birdies are a little bit different story.  Yep, finally I got out the tutorial I bought from Dawn at A Feathered Nest...  Do you know Dawn?  Oh my gosh, if you don't you really must zip over there right this second and meet her.  She's a darling gal and SO generous.  She often shares vintage ephemera with the peeps who pop over.  

I LOVE her.

Several years ago I bought the tutorial for these little snowbirds from her Lessons From The Nest site...

The instructions were VERY easy to follow, but each little birdie takes awhile to complete.  Well, Dawn probably whips them right out, but it took me about two hours to make each one...  and I made a DOZEN!  

I always have this little tray on my kitchen table.  I change it out for the seasons...  or on a whim........I love it because we're a really casual family around here and we use that little table for folding laundry, eating, artwork....whatever and I have to be able to get whatever's on my table off easily.

I had them hanging on a little line in the garage to dry when the Darling Daughter saw them and wanted to take them home with her...   :-)

Not to be Darling Daughter......  I barely had enough to make a difference on the tree.

You already know I'll be making some for her, right???  *wink*

Can you see the sunshine streaming in??  Yeah, good thing I got a picture of's been pouring.......No, POURING for days and days.  Gloomy, dark and dreary in the Pacific Northwest.

I'm happy that I have my Christmas things up to make the little cottage feel homey.

And, on the tree....   I'll take a picture of the whole tree later..  Yes, it's a fake tree.  A PLAIN fake tree, but if you add enough ornaments and white feather boa to imitate snow it doesn't look too bad.  :-)

LOVE my birdies.  Thank you Dawn for your wonderful tute.  

More on the Christmas Elf making front today.  I won't be able to share my projects until after Christmas or it won't be a surprise.   :-)

Ok, this little Elf is going back to work.

Have a wonderful day Darling Chickies!





  1. What pretty birds-so sweet. Wow, if they took you that long I bet it would be an ongoing project for me. Maybe I'd start in Jan. for next year since I love birds.
    Have a good Monday.

  2. Precious! Absolutely precious! Love the little bird and the cloche set up, Spence.

    And honey, do I have some big news for YOU!. Your mom would love this news. Take a gander on my blog and see what I just heard.




  3. Oh wow, love the birdies! So very pretty, and I'm liking the looks of your tree! Thanks for stopping by to visit.

  4. Your little birdies are quite adorable! So sweet and it sounds like it was finally time to make something for yourself too ;)
    I'm looking forward to seeing your tree too. I just got ours into the tree stand today and still need to add lights and decorate. Yay!

  5. There is some absolutely sweet decor here!!! I cant get over how sweet these look!


  6. OH Spencer, your little birdies turned out just PRECIOUS!!!! What a beautiful job...and thank you sweet friend, I love YOU as well! You are so kind to share a link to my tutorials. I hope you are doing so good and wish you and your family a beautiful Christmas sweet friend, hugs and love across the miles, Dawn

  7. So sweet. What a great idea for a cake stand. I have our Nutcracker plates on ours, but this is so creative.


Sweet and dear little Chickies....thank you so much for your comments. I read each and every one. I always try to make a return visit........sometimes I fail miserably... but you're alllll soooo special to me!

Many, many hugs!