Thursday, December 6, 2012

Why, Thank You Martha!

19 Days 'til Christmas!

It sure is sneaking up, isn't it?

So much left to do.  I haven't wrapped a single gift yet.  And, I have to have a gift ready for Saturday that I haven't even started yet.  YIKES!

How are y'all doing?  Baking, making and having a wonderful Christmas Season??

Fortunately I started this 'lil tree a long time ago so it was ready to go.  Why don't I do that every year?  Not that I ever think "gee whiz...  I'm so bored, what can I work on?"  I ALWAYS have an iron in the fire.

Several years ago these were on a segment of Martha Stewart.

This pattern is from a grandmother who makes these trees every year.  I LOVE them...  and since I am CRAZY about anything made with wool, it was love at first sight.

I believe Martha's were made with felt, but I used wool.  I am one thrifty shopper and always look for wool blankets.  Yes, as a matter of fact, I DO have a lovely white blanket that I intend to make a tree skirt from.  ...  But we're not gonna talk about my enormous collection things "left to do" today now are we...   K?    Thank you.

Anyway, Martha glued her doo-dads on...  I sewed mine...  easy as pie and something to keep little 'ol me busy while I watch TV, which only happens occasionally.

You're supposed to pop them over a nice bottle of wine...   Nice gift, right??

Go right here if you're looking for the pattern and scoop!

It's not too late!

Huggies and Lovies!


PS....  I have an unspoken prayer request for someone near and dear to me...  would you mind praying for them??  Thank you so very much.

I'm joining the Pink Saturday party at Miss Beverly's....

Why don't you go visit????  You'll be so happy you did.


  1. What a sweet little tree Spencer! And so easy to make too even for someone like me who does not now how to sew.I will keep your friend in my prayers <3

  2. This is just prescious, Spencer! You made it SO cute. Yeah, that Martha is good, isn't she?

    And of course, I will pray. I am praying now that your loved one has his or her needs met as I type. I pray that in the name above all names, the name of the one whose birth we celebrate at Christmas, the Lord Jesus. And prayers in His name do not come back void. I realize, of course, I'm preaching to the choir.

    Love you...



  3. Love your tree wine cover! I have some felted wool from a sweater I accidentally shrunk, so I'll try to make one too! I hope you have the most joyous Christmas ever! My prayers are with you and your friend! Love, Linda

  4. What a darling little tree, Cupcake! Just love it...of course, I'd have to not use pink, but it is just so lovely! And the little dangle at the top is perfect. You're so talented!!
    Hope you'll pop over and enter my giveaway!! I see Monica's up there in your sidebar...I won that! Too too cool! Haven't won anything in quite awhile!!

    Hugs to you sweetie!
    Hope your holidays are every bit as lovely as you!

  5. What a lovely tree, I think I need to make one as well. Thank you for the link, etc. I love how yours looks. I love sitting and stitching with the tv going. Sending prayers as per your request. Blessings.

  6. Thank you for your sweet comment.

    I love it. Very pretty.

  7. OK -- you know that list of projects we were not going to talk about today!! Well I've added this to time, the trees are too adorable. I went over to Martha and saw the directions. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I love your wool tree,
    love it, quite into plushies myself recently.It drew me here, and so glad I came!
    Please come by for a visit!
    Have a wonderful Pink Saturday!

  9. I love this tree. So simple yet so beautiful! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  10. Hi Spencer, We love your sweet tree. It's so cute and prayers for your dear and near. xo

  11. This is a GREAT idea. I just bought some wool felt on eBay and it cost me an arm and leg. :( Love it though. Very vintage looking and sweet!

    How are you Spencie? I haven't been by in a while. :(

    I have more projects to do than I can say. UGH!

    Love to you~


  12. O OVE that! I thin the white and delicate pink are a win! Someone is h=going to be thrilled! :D



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