Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy, Happy Heart Day!

Wishing each one of you 'lil Darlin's a
Happy Heart Day!

My sweet Hubby and I will celebrate this weekend...  Seems everything is so darn crowded on Valentine's Day, so we'll let the young folks have their time.   :-)

Mr. Sweet as Pie LOVES cookies so I'm baking for him tomorrow...  two favorites, oatmeal raisin and chocolate chunk.

He'll be happy as can be with that little pressie.

It took me three tries to get a Valentine that I love so much...  I didn't think it would ever happen.  

Happy Valentine's Day Muffin.

You're the BEST.


Honey Girl


  1. A happy Heart Day to you too, Spencer!!

  2. It's so nice to hear about someone who's blessed in their marriage.
    Happy Valentines to you.
    Ellie, Jada and Scully

  3. Hope you have a wonderful time celebrating this weekend!


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