Sunday, September 12, 2010

Trash To Treasure...... No, REALLY! And, It's Blue Monday Too!

Hi Sweet Chickies and THANK YOU for coming... I love it when you pop in.... :-)

Yes, I know..... some would say....HOLY COW Spencer, why the heck would you want to add this little broken plate to your bloggie?.... Yeah, probably MOST.

I suppose I'd be thinking that too.

Ahhhhh.... But this little plate is a TREASURE to me.

My darling little grandson was here when I dropped this little number and broke it to bits.

I had it under a candle in my bathroom.... It was only a little garage sale find.... no big deal really......... probably about twenty five cents.

Now it's worth a million bucks!

Well, to me.

He caught me as I was tossing it into the garbage and dug out the pieces... (nearly all of them).... And, told me he'd fix it for me.

I know, it's really a small thing, but it really tickled me. How sweet is that?

So he worked on it for quite awhile and now it's "as good as new"....

It's back in my bathroom.

I see it every day.

And, every day it makes me smile.

Who says you need to have Limoges?

I am CRRRRAZY about this little fella...

Have a great week little sweeties.


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  1. that's such a sweet story! please feel free to link up at my party too. :)

  2. Please add the link to Blue Monday:

  3. Truly precious my friend...

    Love, Rebecca

  4. this is such a precious story! He did a great job too! Happy Monday

  5. It´s a nice plate and a nice gesture of your grandson!

  6. I think you grandson deserves an extra cookie for that service he performed for you, sweetpea! What a charmer he must be to do that for him grammy. I'd save it also. Just beautiful.

  7. Morning Spencer,
    I came over from Holiday in the Sun to Congratulate you on your Promo win of all those cutie pie pumpkins from Becky. I have seen them up close and personal and they are really cute,
    so know you will love them.
    Also loved your story about the broken saucer,
    how precious of your lil grandson, I think I would keep it too!! Hope he keeps that thoughtfulness his whole life thru!!
    I had a lovely visit, and hope you have a great week ahead,
    Blessings, Nellie

  8. How sweet is that, Spencer! What a wonderful, thoughtful grandson.

  9. G'morn, sweet Spencer ... you melted my heart with this precious story of your kid-ling. These are the moments to treasure forever.

    Have a beautiful week ~
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  10. Aw! How sweet! My grand boy and I have become very close. He loves to tell me secrets! ♥

  11. Without a doubt, this is my favorite post of the year! What a sweet little heart. And aren't you the lucky one to know it! I'll be thinking of your little blue plate and the love it now holds!


  12. Aww! That is so very sweet. I think it might have made breaking it worth it for a precious moment like that.

  13. What a precious little guy! I'll bet that is your most special plate now!

    HaPpY bLuE mOnDaY!


  14. I see why this is such a treasure. The love of a child is just too sweet!!

  15. You and I are alike when it comes to grandchildren or in my case great grandchild. He is the world to me and I keep and treasure everything he makes for me. Drop by if you have time and meet him today.

  16. Hi Cupcake!
    Visit my blog, ok?

  17. Oh what a sweetie your grandson is, Spencer. In the olden days, they used to staple broken plates, at least in the Caribbean....Christine

  18. What a sweet story! I too would treasure that plate. Pray you have a blessed week and get to come by for a visit. Debbie

  19. This little man loves you so, and I too would be tickled to keep ANYTHING he gave me and did for are so blessed. OOHHHHH! did the blood tests come back dearest? I PRAYED FOR YOU!!! Anita

  20. Grandchildren make the world go round!


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