Friday, January 30, 2009

Now THIS Is A FAB.U.LOUS Find!! I HEART The Goodwill

Who would think you could actually find a perfectly perfect little secretary at the GOODWILL??


This is the little, bitty secretary we found at the Goodwill for TWENTY-ONE dollars! It is so adorable. It's only about four feet high and very shallow.

My daughter and I decided we needed a bit of a thrifty adventure so we headed into Seattle to check out the big stores there.

I spotted this little beauty from afar and thought of all the places I could use it here in the little cottage.

I called my girl over to peek and she instantly gave me the "OH wouldn't buy that when I NEED it, would you" look.........that will suck the energy out of any Momma's heart.

So, naturally we loaded it up and it went to her house.............I was going to buy a fabulous, vintage chair for my front porch, but it wouldn't fit in my truck with the secretary as well.........I can find a chair anytime, right???.............I STILL can't say "no" to my girl.

Hope you had a wonderful Friday and wishing you a terrific weekend.......

Warmly, Spencer
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