Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My front porch this afternoon........small, but I love it so much! I've always wanted a cute little outdoor space to decorate. My pots are looking sort of puny now, but just wait until spring! It's going to be so darn cute! No, these pictures are NOT in black and white, that's just how darn gloomy it is here today!

Well, things are just not going the way I had planned today. I have a standing "date" every Tuesday with "my boy" as I call my dear little grandson. Nothing big, just a bit of dinner and a movie, trip to the pet store, library or Borders. He so looks forward to it and so do I. The snow really put a cramp in that plan today. Is this really the Pacific Northwest? It just NEVER snows here as much as it has this winter. I'll miss that special time we have to catch up. Sorry, my little pumpkin! I'll make it up to you.

I haven't been posting here because I had decided to move my blog. Well, after spending TONS of time on that little endeavor, I've given up. I think blogspot is the easiest place for folks who know enough about blogging to fill a thimble. I couldn't get anything right. I don't know what all the glitches were, but I have to say I was ever so frustrated. So, I'm back here to stay. It's kind of nice, actually.......it's FREE here! Can't get much better than that! :-)

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