Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mmmmmm..... PINK! Aren't the lovely?

Little cute! We actually have many of the same ones!

Handmade lampshade......Jan taught me how to do these little lovelies. They're actually pretty easy and have so much punch to them, don't they?

Another hand made shade.........and BIRDS!.....and ivy.........and tole trays!

My sweet friend, Jan, and I finally got together for a visit. We can't figure out why we wait so long to make time for a long chat and a yummy lunch! It had been months since we'd been together and did we ever talk up a know how it is when you're with someone you just love and you're both chatters?? We talk so fast, and over each other......and laugh and laugh and LAUGH! It's such good fun. Why do we wait??

We LOVE the same things........Jesus, family and our HOMES! It was amazing, the first time we met, how alike our decorating styles are. We love tole trays, little dogs, birds, ivy, little vignettes and black (we both use it liberally). We look forward to Jennifer's new featured home at The Old Painted Cottage and chat about the look of each month's home. It's a great way to get ideas!

Jan is a THAT kind......she is an EXPERT rug hooker. Oh my, they are just delicious. I do so many different arts, but I'm telling you, I'm having so much trouble mastering hooking. I have so much money invested in frames, I just HAVE to learn. We're going to be working on that as soon as I pick out a pattern. I've learned how to dye wool.........and I know what I like......I've discovered that just doesn't get the rug finished, however.

The snow is melted from yesterday, so I'm out and about today, doing some of the things that didn't get done yesterday. Whoooooppeee!

I hope your day is blessed!
Warmly, Spence


  1. Hi...where do you live??? You must give this needle felting a is sooo much fun! just don't prick your finger...ouch! Laurie

  2. I'm so glad I found you sweet blog. I'll be back .


Sweet and dear little Chickies....thank you so much for your comments. I read each and every one. I always try to make a return visit........sometimes I fail miserably... but you're alllll soooo special to me!

Many, many hugs!