Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ok........this is why I would be needing some handy, dandy assistance from my local library! I just wrote a whole blog about how hard all of this is for me and lost the whole darn thing. Brother. See, if I were about 16, I'd be a whiz! Yeah, I know, those days are lonnnnnnnnnngggg gone. They are actually just a faint memory. And, suffice it to say......there were NO computers back then. It was, as my grandson says........."the olden days".... :-0

I am giving it my best shot though! I tried last night to add some favorites to my blog list and there they are, sitting on the list in that dashboard area.....whatever......and I can't make them pop up on the actual blog. I love peeking around at all these FABULOUS ladies' work......they have wonderful blogs. I even bought THE ARTFUL BLOGGER.......did that help? Heck no. It seems there are only so many options inside of blogger. I think I need to go to school to learn how to do all that fancy stuff! Is there a "Blogging School"....???

Hoping your Blogging Day is wonderfully simple!



  1. When I went to leave you this comment the little word verification came you're ok. I went to the sewing expo about 10 years ago (how time flies...oh my See if they have any needle felting wool...if they do...I'll be sorry I didn't Laurie

  2. You clever girl! I AM impressed. I actually have this little wire gizmo as well. I bought mine on our annual trip to Bend. Had I not read that you had made yours I would have thought you'd made the purchase too! Great job! And, that little bunny? Ever so cute.

    The Sewing Expo has really expanded over the years. It's a trial to make it through it's so busy there, but I give it my best shot. I love the seminars and learn so much. Several years ago a charming dealer there took me aside, spent about an hour with me, and taught me how to do the old fashioned embroidered monograms. She was delightful and I so appreciate knowing how to do that. Something to add to the little catalog of things I use for this or that!

    Have a grand Monday!


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