Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ok......I Confess......My Pup Is A Knothead!

Isn't she just the cutest little thing? We tell her she needs a Dog-O-Thontist........her little teeth are a bit crooked.......she has an underbite and she's really crazy. We think she may need some counseling too. :-) We love her though and wouldn't trade her for anything. She stands and stares at the back door at the same time every single day, waiting for my husband to come home.

She loves basking in the sun. Here, in the Pacific Northwest, that's not always an easy thing to do, but if she can find a little spot, she's going to claim it. We call this look LaLa land.....she won't even look at us when we talk to her. She does the same thing at night when she's ready for bed. I'm tellin' you........she's something else!


This would be why she needs a counselor. Please somebody.....tell me your dog does this too???

When we brought little Ruby Mae PetuniaBelle home......hmmmmmmmm........just thinking, could it be her name that causes her to seek a comforter? ......anyway, I bought two Baby Gund "Duffles" bunnies. I gave one to Little Ruby along with lots of other toys. She LOVED it.......and then.............she started using it as her "binky"........ewwwwwwwww.......it got so nasty that I got out the other one and threw #1 away. Well, Little Ruby's nearly five now and she still has the darn thing. I sure wish I hadn't thrown away the first one. It would have to be in better condition than this one. I've looked and looked for a replacement, but she chews them up instantly. She does shake this one up sometimes, but always knows exactly where it is, especially when I start the vacuum. She runs for it right away and comes running with it. It's just crazy. I did find another one on eBay some time ago, but it was THIRTY dollars with shipping.......come on.......I don't think I really want to invest that kind of money just in case she doesn't recognize the new one as her "girl". I've looked at the Goodwill every single time I go for the past couple of years to no avail. I don't know what we'll do when this one is totally gone........

My dog loves her "GIRL".

Hoping that someone else has a neurotic dog too?? Please, please, please?? :-)

Warm doggie hugs!


  1. Oh Very cute. I love my little Ricky black and white shitzu. Our dogs have many things in common. Well thanks for the lovely comment. I'll add you also. Smiles and Blessings Denise

  2. Oh precious baby....I just love it.

  3. I buy my dog stuffed toys and he pulls all the stuffing out and just chews on the limp outer fabric. I've trained him...I ask him where his "friend" is and he runs and gets one of his limp, stuffless toys. Dogs are the best!

  4. So cute! We don't have a crazy dog, but we do have a crazy cat. Really, that is part of what I love about her--all of her antics and her attitude! ;)




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