Thursday, November 12, 2009

She's On Her Way! I'm So Excited!

Oh Girlies......This is thrilling news around my house! My computer's probably five years old or so and has been upgraded many times....still, the old girl's super slow and has a meltdown about 10 times every day....yeah, it really doesn't matter if I'm in the middle of something. She's pooped out...and I can't take it anymore. She's gotta go. :-)

I've been waiting for Windows 7 to make it's debut....and I didn't want to have to switch from Vista or another program to upgrade so I was VERY patient.


I'm going to have flames coming from my new system it's going to be so zippy...

Intel Core TWO Quad processor



1 TB Hard drive

I can't even imagine! My WONDERFUL computer fella said this is about ten times my current computer.

I'm thrilled....and waiting.

I'll be a VERY happy blogger, and I'll be able to actually get around much easier, without the incessant crashing. that ever frustrating. Did I mention patience isn't my strong suit?

Hugs and kisses,



  1. Yeah!!! Isn't it wonderful to have efficient equipment so you can just zip along, and CREATE all you want!!! I can't wait to see how this works for you dear one! Have FUN! Anita

  2. Good Morning Spencer, Oh how nice. I'm having the same type of problems - it's so frustrating. Zippy sounds wonderful to me!!! Enjoy.

  3. OOhhh Spencer,
    You lucky ducky. I can't wait for you either. What a deal. You will be zipping all over blogland for the holidays. Early present to you. Yeahh!!!

    Keep us posted sweetie. Have a wonderful blessed day. Please stop by today, I have a little story to share with.
    Country hugs, Sherry

  4. That is wonderful.. NOthing more aggrivating then a slow computer or one that freezes up .. Crashing is the end of the line .. Congrats on your new computer.

  5. Blogging world watch out....Spencer is going to be a posting machine :-)
    Have fun with your new toy!

  6. LOL, sugar!! I get that excited when I get a new Mac also. Happy surfing because that should be a big, HUGE difference in your surfing.

  7. congrats on the new arrival....

  8. Oh I do so understand. My computer was upgraded last year and what a difference. I also just installed Windows 7. So far so good. Hugs, Marty

  9. Congratulations! That sounds like a great computer. I've heard some good things about Windows 7. My husband got it for his computer, so we will see.

  10. Congratulations .... and I'm not a bit jealous! Honest; honest, honest! (sob sob)

    PS - What a 1 "TB" harddrive??

  11. Spencer,
    What a coincidence. We just ordered a new Dell this am. My son's is kaput and we are passing down ours so that hubby can get a machine very much like yours. Isn't is great. Almost the anticipation of a kid at Christmas.

  12. Hi Spencer,
    How fun! I have a new laptop at home but my compute at work is so much faster, I will blog during my lunch since I can visit more of my favorite blogs.
    Take care and enjoy your day,

  13. Great news! I'm so happy for you.

    Patience is a virtue, and good things come to those who wait. At least, that is what I've always been told. I guess I am just not a virtuous woman. Ha!

  14. I'm happy for you too - do you know a lot about computers - how to set it up and all?

  15. Spencer, I love your blog, and I agree with you about Christohper and Lynette. Lynette wanted those garage doors to "blend" with the home, never painted a "stand-out" color. The front door was suppose to be the "stand-out" color. I can't argue with that. Makes sense. Spencer, I didn't see that you were a follower. Did I just miss it? You do have to be a follower of the blog to be eligible to win. Just thought I would make you aware of that in case you missed it. Thank you for coming by my blog!

  16. Welcome to our world, Zippy! Hope you enjoy all your new found friends that are going to keep you VERY busy!

    Pop over for our weekly GIVEAWAYs Spencer ...
    Hugs, TTFN ~Marydon

  17. Congrats. That will be great. I just got rid of my old computer with Windows ME. I'm thrilled with the new computer - I can now watch videos or movies online and do so much more, so much faster. Now I just need some computer classes. :-)

  18. Your old computer sounds just like mine! You must be so excited to be getting the new one. :)

  19. Oh lucky you!! A new computer is on my list! Mine is almost 6 years old so I really need a new one!
    Hugs, Lisa

  20. Congrats, you will be so happy with a new computer!

  21. I'm sure you are so excited! It's the pits when the old computers begin to go out on you, you feel like putting your foot through it! Or is that just me?! I hope you'll be on the road to happy computing in no time!

  22. Another jealous blogger here.....My computer is so slow it's rdiculous...then the Boss keeps adding security features and that slows it down even more....Lucky you!!

  23. Yea, Spencer! I have no idea what you just said (I'm a computer dummy), but it sounds exicting. So I say, YEA! If you're happy, I am, too!


    Sheila :-)

  24. Hi Spencer, glad your so happy, but I have to ask... why didn't you get a MAC??? No crashing ever, no viruses ever, easy to navigate. No big box at your feet...oh here I go... sorry. My husband was an X-micorsoft engineer, and now all we have are MACS. I would never go back.
    But, hey as long as your happy I'm happy for you Spence.
    I still LOVE my counter tops, but your island looks sooooo beautiful to me. Oh and that cute little lamp, I love it also. And that floor!!!!
    Ok I have to get to bed. Found some grand things today thrifting.
    Love Claudie

  25. Good for you, I cant wait to get a new one.
    We are hoping for some good deals on black friday/.

  26. I'm having the same type of problems - it's so frustrating

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