Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hey, Look At What I Made!

Nope......not responsible for those lovely lemons!

Don'tcha just love 'em though?

God knew what he was doing when He made those little lovlies, didn't He?

Don't they smell YUMMY?

When I was pregnant.........MANY years ago.......I craved lemons and ginger snaps.  I was really enjoying those little treats until the dentist told me I wouldn't have any enamel left on my teeth if I didn't stop.

Yep, that pretty much ended that fun.

But I did make that little black bracelet there..........

I LOVE buttons.  No, SERIOUS Button LoVe.....

I have forty-ninety gazillion of them.

One of these days I'll share them with you.

"So, why keep them all tucked away?" I asked myself.  Yes, I actually DO talk to myself.

Do you?

So, a smidge of black elastic and LOTS of vintage buttons and I was on my way.  Most of them are glass and rhinestone.  I ADORE them.  I have a few I'm going to replace as soon as I can find myself some little beauties.

It took all of the very bestest black buttons I had.  Holy cow....It took a LOT of buttons.

I had a really tough time getting a good picture....hope you can see it.

Those little yummies are tucked in every which way.

It'll give me something to look for when I go vintage shopping.  And, I always NEED a good excuse to shop.   Wink....Wink!

I'll get plenty of mileage out of this little bit of sparkle.

Now, about the backward ruffle.  I've done a million (ok, you KNOW that's an exaggeration) samples and it doesn't make any difference.  When I finally finish this room, I'll post pix and you'll have to promise not to notice.  It's gonna drive this perfectionist CC-rrr-a-zie....

They're almost finished, so progress is being made.

That makes me smile.

Hope you're smiling today too!

Love you girlies!




  1. Oh my goodness, this is lovely! First of all my sweet, I missed your Tuesday post! How did that happen....but this button bracelet is gorgeous! And your words always bring a smile to my heart! Have a fun week leading up to our Savior's victorious day! AND OURS TOO! Anita

  2. Buttons *are* fun. Even the word "button* is fun!

    Yes, I talk to myself, the animals, my flowers and anyone else who will listen to me but most of all, I talk to the Lord! ♥

  3. Good Morning Spencer,
    Love your button bracelet.
    Keep working on those ruffles, you'll get it right or, since you are a perfectionist, you will get it right to your liking,


  4. Oh Spencer, you made me giggle.... I was thinking, oh yummy lemons and gingersnaps... then I read what your dentist said!!! I love buttons, I can never get enough, it is so hard to find them.... everyone hangs on to theirs now!
    Your bracelet is beautiful!
    Margaret B

  5. I'm smiling today.

    I didn't know you liked lemons so much or buttons! I have a button collection too, but not as big as yours.

    Love the band you made with your buttons. It looks very pretty.

    Have a good day.


  6. I love it, Spencie and the lemons, too!


  7. Okay, Spencer- I think I am finally caught up with all that you have been up to! What a cute little bracelet you made. And something like that with the elastic would actually fit me cause I have the tiniest of wrists. It's the other big parts that I worry about... *grin*
    I cannot believe your daughter had another car incident. I'm glad, though, that no one was hurt. It is terrible how unscrupulous some people can be! Then there is your g'son who loves "creatures!" I couldn't handle creepy snakes and alligators. EWWWW..... He is a cutie and just think that he may someday be caring for them in a veterinary profession W/this calling! Take care. Hope all is well and you are enjoying your lovely little yard. We are still waiting for consistent warm weather. No more snow, please!!!
    xo Sue

  8. Darling, sugar! Maybe you could get some faux lemons and display them all the time. Me? I make lemonade to drink almost every day. I looooove fresh lemonade.

  9. So very cute!! Hey, when I was pregnant all I wanted was shaved ice in a bowl & toss salad with Russian Dressing!! I know wierd!! LOL!!

  10. ooooo, I love it...just GORGEOUS!!!! everyone is going to want one!

  11. Good afternoon sweet thang....thank you for coming to my play; and your kind words really encourage me! I see everything as a potential story...I am just a crazy woman!

    Thank you and come back for Easter!!! Anita

  12. Hi Spencer, Great bracelet. I love buttons too! Thanks for stopping by my blog and joining my giveaway! Now I get a chance to visit yours. Kim

  13. Adorable bracelet!! Those lemons look so good. Makes me want lemonaide.

  14. Lovely!! And yes I do talk to myself. I usually don't do what I tell myself and I get mad but that's another story! lol
    Well Done!!
    Hugs, Lisa

  15. Hello Spencer; Oh what a beautiful bracelet,,, so many gorgeous buttons.... have a wonderful Easter weekend.


  16. Your button bracelet is lovely.

    Yes, I talk to myself all the time. I'm also missing a lot of tooth enamel, but not from eating lemons. Although, I do love lemon bars with my tea.

  17. I came over here after I saw...was it Isabella's...bakelite button bracelet. Yours is very elegant and dressy. I'm so inspired now! Lovely blog too. I don't believe I've visited before.

  18. Spencer, Oh I love love love your black button bracelet, how delightful. You have inspired me now to get my rhinestone button out.
    Hope you have a lovely day. ~Mary~:-}


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