Thursday, April 1, 2010

I Have One CRAZY Pooch

Hi Girlies and Happy Thursday!

Just look at my crazy pup.....What a knot head.

She'll stand/sit like this for hours on end.

She has a cozy and comfy little bed....don'tcha think she'd be lots more comfy all cozied up on it?

I LOVE her profile....Isn't that just the cutest little thing?

She's soooo spoiled.........she has a fancy little bed, doesn't she?

My Hubbs thinks she's happier without a collar, so he always takes it off.

She's 1/4 Boston Terrier......1/4 English Bulldog and 1/2 French Bulldog.

The breeder thought that mixing the English in would make a calmer dog.

Yeah, that didn't work!

She has a wonderful sense of humor and makes us laugh every day though.

Her name is Ruby Mae PetuniaBelle, but we call her lots of other things including Little Crooked Teeth, Rubykins and Trouble Bucket.

We had some serious rain, thunder and lightning here today.  Oh, and a bit of sunshine too.

That's just how things are here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Wishing you all a glorious day.

You're the BEST!

Huggies and Lovies,



  1. You have a precious pup there, Spencer. I'd be happy if my dogs would prefer their own bed, but sadly, they like ours!

    Happy Thursday, my friend!


  2. Good morning darlin'! SHe is a cutie! Dogs do the silliest things that make us smile, and I just want a dog so badly, but with our busy teacher lifestyles, and our small house, it is nearly impossible. I want a labrador or a fox terrier but the lab is too big and the terrier gets bored easily and tears up the house!

    Have a lovely, wonderful day beautiful Spencer! Anita

  3. Don't ya' just love them?!?!!
    Have a wonderful Easter Weekend!!

  4. Oh, how sweet is Ruby!!!?! Kodak does something similiar only it's his front half that is on the sofa or chair with his back half on the floor, LOL


  5. Ruby is a ruby! I can't believe she likes to sit like that - but she must. How cute. I love dogs.


  6. Oh, your sweet baby dog is the cutest!! Love the personality. I sometimes hear myself or Hubby talk to our furry girl and wonder what must she be thinking...but she eats it up.:) Glad to see I'm not the only dog mom.

    It's been storming like crazy in Oregon off and mostly on for a few days. Finally got a break of sunshine yesterday afternoon to walk the furry girl and it was biting cold. When will we get a solid spring? I'm ready.

  7. She is precious! What a comical stance!!

  8. Ruby Mae is adorable! She sounds like she's full of spirit! Have a beautiful day Spencer, today is supposed to be quite nice, fingers crossed!

  9. She is adorable. I so miss having a dog.

    Happy Spring. I hope to see you on Pink Saturday.

  10. Hi Cupcake!!! How are you?? I have missed visiting with you!! Isn't your little poochie precius??!! We almost got a Boston Terrier, but the people ripped us off! So we got a Rat Terrier instead, and she is an absolute doll!!
    Her name is Penelope! I just love all the silly things these furry family members do!
    Love that you got a pic of it!!
    Love that name...I would expect nothing less for your dog's name!! :o)

    Have a joyous Easter, my friend!!

  11. Hi Spence sweet,
    i love your little Trouble Bucket. She is such a beautiful dog. I love her brindle coat. That is too funny that she will sit like that for long. My pup hates his collar as well and since he is indoors all the time, I don't make him wear it.
    We've had some crazy weather here too of late. We are supposed to have snow tonight. Just another day in Paradise.

  12. Hi Spencer
    I just read "your story" and the tears came down realizing that God does have a plan for us all and its perfect. I have auto immune as well Lupus and life is taking me for a spin. After reading your story I was cheering for us. Thank you so very much for sharing your heart on your blog it truly blessed my day. happy Good Friday to you!!

    The pooch is too cute for words!!!


  13. Actually, I think your Ruby Mae Petuniabelle is..fine. I walk around or just sit with an arm in the air. I've always done it, except when I was in school as NOT the thing to do there. It just feels good. I usually don't even realize I'm doing it so...IF Ruby Mae is strange, so am I. :) Probably just feels good to her. Relaxing, like my arm in the air.

    Too cute though...doggies are like us folks. We have quirks and so do they...don'cha think?
    Those pictures are just adorable!!

    Love, hugs and Happy Easter wishes to you!

  14. Spencer darling popped in to wish you and your family a joyous and blessed Easter.

    Love & Hugs

  15. I love your Fur Baby... so sweet. I hope you have an awesome weekend.


  16. Spencer, Just dropped in to say HAPPY EASTER!


  17. how adorable. quite the mix there. must stand there for hours to get the energy worked off. lol

  18. Hi Spencer....this is just too cute...Ruby is very comfortable just the way she would think er front little legs would fall asleep?...I think you need to make her some homemade gourmet dog biscuits....stop by my blog...I just posted a recipe for them and you can introduce her to Mr. Boo.....

  19. hahahah, that is ssssoooooo funny!!
    Have a wonderfuls Easter!

  20. Miss Petuniabell reminds me of my Nubby, a too tall Boston Terrier who thinks she's a Chihuahua! Now I'm off to peep at your blog some more, Pleasure meeting you!


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