Monday, September 26, 2011

Oh, It Was A Love-er-ly Day...

There's my darling daughter, on the right, with her best friend.... Julie's been a member of our family for over 26 years... we LOVE her.

She's hit a LOT of painful bumps in life... losing both of her beloved parents, a VERY painful divorce and a horrible time worrying about her runaway daughter, Maddy... I talked about that here....

But!!!...... there's a happy ending for this sweetest little chickie!

This little gal married her beloved last Saturday afternoon..... and what a prince he is!

Ben is career military... first in the Navy and now serving in the Marines. A hero for Julie and for our country. He was injured in Afghanistan last year, but is recovering nicely. Thank you God.

I love this picture because little Julie has "that look".... It's such a JULIE LOOK... :-)

Ben and Julie with Maddy and Ben's brother-in-law... another hero... He's a fireman. This family SERVES!

Typical Julie.... she doesn't hold back. You cannnnot be around this girlie and not giggle.

She's so funny... sorry the picture is blurry, it's hard to take pictures of this moving target.

And, here is my darling daughter dancing with Julie's little boy, Gus. We LOVE Gus... He's such a great little boy.... He has Asperger's too..... as does my grandson, as you know. Brett and Gus are best buddies. :-) The "get" each other.

And, Dodi and Julie each have a great support person because they both understand.

God bless you Julie and Ben. We wish you many years of joy and happiness.

Thanks for letting us be part of your day.



  1. Hi sweet Spencer! What a true blessing it is for a precious person to find their soul mate! Julie sounds like an angel and that's she deserves this happiness ~ I wish them much, much love and many years together! hugs and love, Dawn

  2. Ohhhh this post totally brings tears of happiness for her!! She looks like just a precious doll!

  3. She's darling and his her new hubby. Oh, sugar, I sooooo LOVE Marines! I hope he'll be safe wherever he goes.

  4. Julie looks like a girl with spunk and personality! And so pretty, too. I wish her and her husband {who is SO handsome} all the best! Thanks for sharing your lovely pictures, Spencer!


  5. I'm passing through some of the blogs and thought id stop and say hello. And i hope that you folks have a very nice fall weekend. Richard from the Amish community of Lebanon Pennsylvania.

  6. SO so happy for a happy ending for sweet Julie Spencer.
    It's not so happy at my place right now. Mom is now in Hospice. It's now time to wait for God's hand.
    Miss you

  7. That is one lovely post...

    I can feel your joy and happiness for Julie.

    And she looks like a very happy and positive person ♥


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