Thursday, November 10, 2011

Show And Tell Friday And Giveaway Reminder

I'm so excited to join Show and Tell Friday with Cindy at

A few weeks ago I posted the before of this little lovely......You can see it here.... and read about the related tale of woe if you're interested. What a pickle this little cupboard was, but it's living it's re-done life in my little kitchen/dining room now and I must say, I'm pretty happy with it.

I bought the little basket awhile back at a thrift store. It was UGLY. I swear, no matter how long I live, I'll never stop being surprised by what a coat of paint will do to something.

I'm loving it now, and so happy that I didn't pitch it, which DID cross my mind. :-)

I've collected linens forever and don't have anywhere to use all of it so it's great to have a little bit of it on the bottom shelf of the cupboard where I can actually see it.

I have a darling little metal stand to replace the stool, but haven't gotten it painted yet. Isn't there always a project waiting?

Had I known the cupboard was going to end up being black instead of cream, I'd have bought new hardware for it..... but, I actually ended up liking it as is..... just plain and simple.

The 16th of November will be the last day to enter the little giveaway... be sure to pop by to enter on THIS post. (don't leave a giveaway comment on this post... ) My sweet little friend, Marydon looked up the value of the little pitcher and said it's 29.00, just for the pitcher. so the value of the giveaway is about $100.... Whooopppeeeee!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Lots going on here, at the Cottage.... I'll be sharing soon.

Huggies and Lovies!


Oh, and PS... did you notice I have a favicon now? Whew, I could have posted a million new posts had I been doing that instead of trying to get that gizmo to work. It's actually a tole tray, which you can't see because it's so darn small. There's no way I'm going to try to give it another whirl though. It was one big headache and I'm just happy it's there for now.

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  1. Hi Spencer...

    My friend, your cupboard is gorgeous!!! Ohhh..and you have accessorized it sooo beautifully too! I love the vignette that you created for the top! Love the white basket! Your cupboard certainly does make a way for you to display and enjoy a few of your pretty dishes and all your lovely linens! Soooo pretty, dear friend! Thank you for sharing your pretties with us!

    Warmest autumn wishes,

  2. Spencer, I don't know how on earth I missed your previous mention of that gorgeous cabinet! ??? It's just fabulous and you have it decorated so pretty. How clever of you to show off your lovely linens in it!

    My friend, I hate to rain on your parade (I know you get enough rain out there in the NW) but I'm not seeing your favicon. :( I know we talked about possible reasons why it wasn't showing up before so I'm anxious to read whether your other readers see it now.

  3. The cabinet is beautiful, Spencer! You really did a lovely job on it!!

    What a great giveaway...I think I missed this post. I hope I'm not too late!!

    Have a great weekend!


  4. Your cupboard looks super and I love how you have decorated it and used it for display.



    I am so sorry to have missed your posts; once I started school, IT HAS BEEN A ZOO of a life! A good one, but a ZOO! So fatiguing...and you are going to watch AUDREY AT BREAKFAST AT TIFFANYS!!!! I opened up an Etsy shop about 3 weeks ago and I am selling my illustrations of Audrey. Check it out when you can! AND HOW IS YOUR DARLING GRANDSON????

    My goodness, who would have ever thought that a computer could transmit so much joy...but the person on the other end is the total reason, and you have made me so happy with your visit sweet Spencer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Blessings to you, Anita

  6. Spencer, you did an amazing job on your cabinet! Just lovely!


  7. Spencer...the weekend is just so neat! No getting out to the sales tomorrow because of rain..but at least we can have a fire and a cozy day.
    I love the cabinet black. I bought some cabinets and am waiting to get them painted. It's been way to windy to take them out..but seeing yours..I am anxious to get started. I am going to need new pulls too...and not sure what to choose.
    I also collect vintage linen..and I love the way you have put yours in a stack where you can see them..NICE idea.

  8. Spencer, you did an AMAZING job. But then you make miracles happen : )
    I would LOVE nothing more than to be able to bring such a piece into my little cottage, but I can't!!!
    I saw a couple sweet night stands with the prettiest blue Aqua colour I wanted to buy. But all I have to do is get some of that pretty Sherwin WIlliams "Aqua Duct" paint and paint the ones I have VOILA. Just saved myself $400.00 , lol.
    Happy Sat. dear friend.
    Love You
    Love Me

  9. Lov the blaxk cupboard. I have a friend that has one and it looks so pretty in her dinningroom. Great job.

  10. The cabinet turned out beautifully! I like what you have done with it...hope you are well:)

  11. I'm partial to black hutches, Spencer.You've accesorized the top of it so well- ♥ the basket,the little lamp, and painted tray. xo Sue

  12. Beautiful Cabinet, Spencie Girl. I love black and I'm hoping to add some back into my guestroom upstairs. You are so talented.

    Thank you for your visit today. Your prayers are so appreciated. I'm more discouraged over some life things than I've ever felt before in my life.

    Praying for direction.

    Love to you girl. Love your bloggie. Love you how you accessorize...just love you!


  13. Love your cupboard and it looks so pretty the way you have arranged everything! The basket looks amazing! Happy week!...hugs...Debbie

  14. I like the black paint, Spencer, and you can always change the hardware.

    It's good to hear from you. Thanks for the well-wishes.


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