Thursday, November 17, 2011

Upgrading At The Cottage

We're pretty darn excited here, at the Cottage... My husband has been campaigning for a king size bed for a long, long time. Yeah, well........since our bed is too old to even admit to, Tilly Tightwad finally agreed. It's bad enough to have to buy a new mattress... but then it's all the other things that go along with that purchase too, right?

Have you priced king size sheets lately? Do you remember my post about making new sets of queen size sheets? Lots of ruffles and trims? That was only a few months ago. I guess I'm going to be on the hunt again, 'cuz we bit the bullet and did it.

Yep, a king size of one of these little dandies. I did quite a bit of research on the internet before we made the final decision. You know, it's a big deal getting a new bed, isn't it? First of all, there's all that chaos it creates.......then there's the money. Mattresses are just NOT cheap.

But, apparently worth it. We're sleeping better than we have in a long, long time. If I had it to do over I'd still have stuck with a queen though. I am freezing all the time... ALL the time.... and now my heater's way over on the other side of the bed. I bought myself some fleecie jammies today. :-)

So, apart from the sheets, the mattress pad, the bedspread, the bedskirt, the pillows, the pillowcases, the shams and the comforter and duvet.......there's the bed frame.

I've been crazy about my old one since the moment I saw it. I've had the same one for about twenty years. I love lots and lots of accessories, but I like the basics to be VERY plain.... I knew I'd never find another one like I had.......but guess what?

I found one I like even better. It's on order and won't be here for about 4-6 weeks, so we're sans frame for now, but isn't this one just toooo darn cute? I had seen an iron bed frame on a sweet girlie's blog and asked her if she happened to remember who made it. That little sweetie wrote me right back to tell me it was Wesley Allen. God bless her. And, naturally, I can't remember who it was........but I LOVE her! (And, if you're reading this....THANK YOU!) I don't think this is the same one she had, but it's quite similar to my original bed. But then, there are those adorable little wreaths.

I LOVE them.

And, I'll be thrilled to have my room put back together. It's not looking real cute right now.

By the way, I found the frame at Carolina Rustica. They were nice as pie and it was the best price I could find too. Plus FREE shipping (on that huge and heavy bed!!!), no tax and 12 months same as cash. Yep, that's my language.

I'll pop some pictures up when things all come together.

Have a great weekend.



  1. My hubbie has been really wanting a king size bed too but I have resisted for pretty much the same reasons that you did :) I love the bed that you found too! Wow it is so cool and vintage looking!

  2. Oh I love our king, can't imagine not having it. Can't wait to see the new bed and all the new linens. Hugs, Marty

  3. WOW Spencer, you really went all out. DId you get that magic mattress? The memory foam, it looks like it in the pic. We had a king once, and I would never do that again. I could NEVER find Randy, lol. Really though, it was actually so all the dogs could come in and snuggle, but it was still too big. I like my queen water bed. It's not like the old ones that sloshed around, it' a nice puffy mattress, with a puffy top. Then we top it off with memory foam. That's a lot of topping isn't it???
    LOVE the frame. We have to look for a new frame too. I think I would like the under the bed drawers. I need more drawers in my bedroom AND no dust bunnies can hide under it anymore. Problem is emptying the water bed and that's a pain in the "you know what".
    i bought a new nighty too. LOVE IT. But those hot flashes make me want to throw it off in the middle of the night ; (
    Have a great weekend and sleep tight my friend.
    Love Claudie

  4. Mine wants a King too, but I like the one we have...we'll see!

  5. We had king size for many, many years but now have a queen. Takes up less room. Enjoy your new bed.

  6. How exciting to have a chance to redo a room just because you want a little bit bigger of a bed. I'm afraid if we got a king, all the animals would want on it. Plus, my husband would be in a different zip code at night. Not good when you need HIS heat to warm up sore joints. :)

    Congrats on your new purchase!! Love the iron f/h board. Love them.


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