Tuesday, May 22, 2012


 Oh my.....  Ten days of bliss.........    :-)    

My darling husband actually grew up in Hawaii.........in this very spot...........Kailua, Oahu.  His mom still lives there so this was the view for much of that ten day visit.   It rained one night........while we were sleeping, but other than that we had perfect weather every, single day.  We usually go in the fall, so I'll remember that May's a much better choice.   Not nearly so humid......and my hair wasn't plastered to my head for ten days straight.

Normally we are on the go the entire time we're there, but this time the trip was dedicated to my husband's mom.  Aging and in the latter stages of dementia.  I think they said she was in stage 7 out of 9...  or something along those lines.  She asked my husband if he was older than she.  So, so sad.  

 These photos are from her back yard.......Oh yes, I took lots and lots of photos......but, par for the course deleted most of them from my memory card when I was trying to download them.  NUTS.

My Hubby did lots of paddle boarding on the canal and grew up surfing out there in the ocean.  EVERY DAY!  And, we have the dermatologist bills to prove it.    :-)   Sunshine's not such a good thing in large quantities. 

 The view looking the other way.  Isn't it just beautiful?

 My sweet and ever so funny daughter loves Dog The Bounty Hunter.  Crazy, I know!  But wanted a shirt or something with Dog on it.  We loaded up my mother-in-law and went to Hawaii Kai for lunch and a smidge of shopping at the Dog Store.  I found her a cute, little pink hat.......she was tickled......just the ticket for her.

 Had lunch in Hawaii Kai at the Kona Brewing Company........YUM!......and stopped by the Blow Hole on the way home.....

We had Chinese food twice.........it's WON.DER.FUL there.......so different than the Chinese food here........Minute Chicken with Cake Noodle.......my favorite.  I order it every, single time.  

Italian food one night at the yummiest restaurant with lots of the fam.........and sushi with our wonderful friends another evening......and a Mother's Day party for the lady of honor on Sunday.........My hubb's family can COOK!  Deee.Lish.

I'm afraid to hop on the scale.  

Nope, we didn't do any of this fine dining.......who knew they had gourmet Spam Mac Nuts?

My grandson loves the stuff......  his request?  A Spam slicer.  Found that at Long's, but didn't buy the Spam Mac Nuts.   I had to take pictures of the huge Spam selection at Safeway, but sadly, those were some of the pix that were deleted.  You wouldn't believe how many different kinds there are.  Everybody loves Spam!

We went to Honolulu one morning to check out the Ala Moana Mall.....HOLY COW!  We have some of these stores around here, but certainly not all of them.  Some of the brands can be found in some of our stores, but WHOLE STORES of them?  WOW!  And, I've never been in a Harry Winston.......they had the prettiest ring in the window.  My heart was going pitty-pat.     :-)

Neiman Marcus
Betsey Johnson
Chanel Boutique
Juicy Couture 
Tory Burch
Dooney & Bourke
Louis Vuitton
Salvatore Ferragamo
Chanel Fine Jewelry
Harry Winston
Jimmy Choo

If I could walk in heels Nordstrom had a pair of Valentino shoes that were sooooo cute.......well, and about 1500 dollars.....   :-)    not in my budget, for sure.

We actually got back on Thursday last week, but when I fired up my computer to blog about the trip........well, it just didn't fire up.

The handy-dandy repairman came yesterday.  Thanking Jesus that I have a warranty.

I took some photos around the neighborhood........I'll show those to you in the next few days.  AMAZING!  So glad those weren't part of the deletion tragedy.

Missed all of you........Happy to be home.........raining here...........but was beautiful while we were gone.  Naturally.



Check out dwellable HERE for more information about Kailua.


  1. I lived in Hawaii when I was about 4 years old and remember parts of it. Ooooh, sugar, I'm glad you and hubby got to visit with his mum before she forgets who you even are.

  2. How wonderful. We spent a week in Kailua at a house a block from the beach for an anniversary a few years ago in Feb. Rained quite a bit. That's good to know about May because we are planning our 40th anniv there in 2014. Looking forward to your other photos. I remember Ala Moana Mall.....but shopped in the ABC stores instead! LOL!

  3. I don't think I would need to anywhere if that was the view from my backyard either...I am so glad you could spend some nice time with mom! Family is everything! Beautiful pictures, Spencer!I wish I could have fit in your suitcase!

  4. wonderful photos and I am so glad to hear you had a good time.. I think a visit in May AND october would be great for ya'll..

  5. looks like you had a wonderful time in a most beautiful place. I've only been once and it was in June and starting to get muggy warm. I have heard that same thing about Spam, I'm not a fan but my son loves it. I wonder if he knows about the nuts!

  6. I love Hawaii. Spent the summer before my senior year in college there and have been back several times over the years. I can still smell the flowers. Your photos brought back some wonderful memories. I'm sad about your MIL. I know that your hubby's heart must hurt terribly. Cherry Kay

  7. Sounds like a great getaway. Sorry your MIL has the dementia. That must be very difficult to see. Am looking forward to more picutures!

  8. Spencer I lived in Hawaii back in 1969 right next to the mall in a little 'shack' I'm sure is no longer there. Hawaii is beautiful and yes they do love SPAM!! Hugs, Linda

  9. Really really they love Spam???? Never tried it never will, but I do love me some Macadamia nuts. I didn't know your hubs is from there? See I learn somrpething new every day.
    Sorry to hear his mom is not well. I know how much you miss your dear mom Spencer.
    You really need to ger a MAC. No problems what so ever.
    Glad you are home safe. I just got back Sat night.

  10. Ohhh boy! The one place I'd avoid! lol I just cant stand the heat everyone else seems to be drawn to! :)


  11. Hi Cupcake! So glad you got to have such a great trip! The photos are so crisp and lovely!

    My daughter that just got married last Saturday is in Seattle for her honeymoon!! They are having a blast, and just posted a video of a snowball fight the two of them had somewhere there! The couldn't see Mt. Ranier the first few days because of the weather, but may have today. :o)

    Sorry to hear about your hubby's Mom. It's not an easy road...like you, I'm still missing my Mom a lot...especially with weddings and new grandies!

    Love ya, and hope you have a delightful Memorial weekend!!

  12. The pictures you saved are beautiful. Always wanted to go to Hawaii, but have never made it. I think staying in a home would be so much better than a hotel...but guess I'd take it either way.
    Good that you got to spend time with your hubby's Mom, too and especially on Mothers Day>
    Oh my that mall sounds fantastic. I wouldn't be able to afford to buy anything, but the window shopping would be a ball.


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