Monday, June 29, 2009

Searching, Searching, Searching.....

I've talked about my silly pooch and her "girl" before.....but I dawned on me that I could appeal to all of you fabulous girlies out there to help me in my mission....

So, here's the story.

See that nice, fresh kid's stuffed animal there? It's CLEAN and CUTE?? Well, five years ago I bought this little cutie at Marshall's for my pup when she was just a new little cutie herself. Well, she liked it. She REALLY liked it. I don't know if she was taken from her mummy too soon or what, but this little cutie became her Binky.

She LOVES it. It's her MUMMY. So, after five years with her little's DISGUSTING. You know, sometimes little kids will have their Binky and the Mommy doesn't really want it to be seen in public anymore because it's so icky? Yeah.....well........

Ummm hmmmm......that would be my goofy puppy, not far from her "girl".....isn't it icky? Hey, don't say "why doesn't that woman give that "girl" a wash......I HAVE!!! It's just shot. See how it looks NOTHING like the cute, fresh bunny? Ruby's girl has no ears left! I've tried MANY other stuffed animals........she has them torn apart in about 20 seconds.'s my thought.....maybe some sweet gal out there has one of these.......maybe even all battered in their kid's toy box that they'd be ready to be rid of? That would be sooooooooooo wonderful for my Ruby. She'd be so happy!

This little gal is called Duffles by Baby Gund. I have found them on eBay, but by the time I pay shipping it was nearly thirty dollars........THIRTY dollars!!!! YIKES! Not that my little Ruby Mae PetuniaBelle's not worth THIRTY dollars, but what if she just doesn't "take" to the new "girl"...??? I'm a THRIFTY girl here......It's just not in me to spend THIRTY dollars on a risky venture. :-)

I hate to pitch the darn thing.........I'm so embarrassed when people actually SEE this darn thing.............and every single time I fire up the vacuum she runs and gets her girl......I don't know if I could ever vacuum again???!!...........Oh........silly me! That could be a GOOD thing!

So wonderful girlies........any Duffles out there???

You're the best!

Wishing you a wonderful week!

Blessing you!!!


  1. Hi Spencer, I found a website with doggy toy bunnies for you to look at:

    The prices are very reasonable and should be doggy safe!

  2. me again...I have heard you need to rub the old toy scent on the new toy - try keeping the new with the old for a while first.

  3. Oh I do hope you find a new "girl" for your sweet pup. They get as attached to those lovelies just like wee children. My doggie has hers too.

    Happy Monday to you & best of luck in your hunt. Your a good pet parent.

  4. Sorry Spencer... Can't help. My felines love mice & feather balls!!
    Good Luck in your search!!

  5. Hi Spencer,

    Ruby is so cute! I wish I had a fresh girl to send your way...I'll be on the lookout for you though!

    Have a wonderful week!


  6. I think you are wasting your time here! Ruby loves HER binkie! I don't think you can replace it. A new one may look like her binkie but it won't BE her binkie.
    So sweet.

  7. Oh Spencer, this is just too funny..... She is truly attached to this thing, isn't she? Maybe the scent of that toy COULD rub off onto a new one - who knows? Here is a though
    Wash both and add a fabric softener so they smell alike. Give her the old one, and the next day give her the new one. If its the scent that she likes- hey,they both now smell the same. If she rejects it then or tears it to pieces, it could be that she recognizes that it is definitely a different toy, period! Animals- who can figure them out? Hugs, Sue

  8. Oh I wish I could help. BUT I had a boy and stuffed animals were never on his list of collectibles. Now Star Wars and Legos anything??? I might be able to help.
    But will sure keep an eye out for Ms. Duffles.

    In the mean time try not to worry about what the outside looks like. The insides bring comfort and security to Ruby girl.

    Life is too short and you know, we can't all be beautiful! ;-)


  9. Chuckle time, Spencer ... that is adorable! TTFN ~ Marydon

  10. OH!! If I find one I send to to sweet Ruby right away!! I'm so sorry it is on it's last leg. Maybe we can find something close?
    Good Luck!!!
    Hugs, Lisa

  11. Wish I had one to send you, my Teddy would of ripped it to shreds by now! I have had wonderful luck finding new stuffed animals at our Goodwill...keep checking, you never know! Teddy had a blankie that he just loved and nothing would substitute for that stinky thing, he sometimes find a shred of it out in the field and gets so excited...weird huh?

    Hope your doing well, I have been buzzzzzy over here with all the wedding stuff!

  12. Oh Ruby, I'm so sorry your mama wants to get rid of your favorite toy. (How cute that she goes to get it when you start the vacuum!) I'll be on the lookout, but I'm afraid that she won't like a new one. Good luck! laurie

  13. Wish I could help you! I have a feeling I might be making a similar plea someday for my daughter's teddy bear. I hope you find one soon!

  14. How sweet. I wish I could help. Our lab has a Beanie Babie dragon that she loves. Everything else she tears up to smithereens! The dragon will be dirt cheap to replace compared to yours.

  15. Unfortunately it's a Gund, and that's why the price tag,(collectors) but I frequent ebay often, craigslist etc and will keep an eye out. Who knows you might also find one in a stuffed animal box at a garage sale too. Such a sweet furbaby with her "binky". Love her.
    ♥ Teresa

  16. I wish I could help but no binkies over here of this variety. Your pup probably won't buy the switch anyway. They have such a keen sense of smell....she'll know. Best of luck, Spencer!

  17. It is a cute thought, but I don't think it is going to work. That is her baby....and she knows it! Precious Ruby...such a sweet story.

  18. Hi Spencer,
    What a cute story about your doggie. It's so sweet when they get attached to something special, just like a baby. Good luck with finding a new replacement, Our pets are just like our kids! Have a blessed week. Hugs, Victoria Lynn


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