Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New Best Friends :-)

Hi Girlies.... And, Happy Wednesday.

Oh my goodness.... THREE new BFF's...

I ADORE cleaning products. Yes, weird, I know. :-)

I shared lots of my favorites HERE, but I'm adding these to my list.

PINK...... oh how can it get any better than this.... PINK dish soap. YUM. I love opening the cupboard and seeing that pretty color. It's just so darn happy. Well, as happy as dish soap can be. I think it would be so much happier if it actually washed the dishes and put them away. Yes, I do have a working dishwasher, but it still seems like I'm doing dishes about twenty times every day anyway.

Now, things that smell really good thrill me too. (I AM realizing how freaky this post is sounding).

So, this fabric softener is at the top of my list. It's simply DEEE.LISH.

My darling hubby just rigged up a little spot for me to hang laundry outside...........HEAVEN! Does anything smell as good as sheets hung outside?

And, finally........Basic H from Shaklee. Holy Moly, where have I been? This is such an amazing product. If you use this size bottle to make your window cleaner it would save you enough to take two hundred thousand people to Tahiti for six months. Ok.... probably not quite, but it really will save thousands of dollars and my bathroom mirrors have ZERO streaks. AWESOME. I'm thrilled. No yummy smell, but it cleans like nothing else. You've gotta give it a shot. :-)

Off to my sweet friend's for the day. We're having a GARAGE SALE. SCARY. She always has really good stuff and I bring home as much as I take. That's just no help, is it? I bought the headboard that I used to make my Bellamere Cottage sign from her several years ago. I looked at it during the whole sale, thinking it would make such a great sign........and finally gave in. I was tickled pink with myself that I actually FINISHED the darn project and it didn't end up in the next sale...... things like that happen a LOT around here.

Have a wonderful day chickies!

Hugs to all,



  1. Well now I have to run out and get me some of that Snuggle softener and not sure if I can get Basic H... I would have to find a dealer I suppose.
    Hope you had fun at the "Scary" garage sale...what does that mean?

  2. HELLO MOST PRECIOUS ONE! Shakelee makes AMAZING PRODUCTS! BASIC H..oh my momma used to use that!!!!! HAPPY CLEANING! Anita

  3. Thanks for all the good tips Spencer! I love just looking at that pretty pink dish soap.


  4. I agree! I go for the scents and the colours, but I always check ingredients as well... hard to get the good stuff -.- Thanks for this! :D


  5. Yummy...I love when chores are made nicer by great smelling products and products that work!
    I will certainly have to check out that Shaklee cleaner! Hope you score some awesome stuff at the garage sale.

  6. Love that pink dishwashing liquid. It must make washing dishes fun!!

    Susan and Bentley

  7. Spencer.. you are so darn funny!! Hey, have I told you I love your header mosaic? I do, I really-really do!!


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